Karrkay Binalmal (Child Learning) is a 0-12 month old inclusive multi art form First Nations installation space.

Karrkay Binalmal is an inclusive creative First Nations space for babies and their families. The project has been created to provide a platform for intergeneration exchange to babies and their families during the first 12 months of a babies life. It is a creative cultural response to a baby’s developmental needs by two mothers and artists who bring their multi artform practices, motherhood experiences and understanding of the power of cultural practices to support babies and their families.. There are two options for delivering this project. 1) Installation only- A touring group of ATSI and Pacific artists and mothers will install and deliver the multi art form installation over the duration of the event. All artists are currently Cairns based. 2) Community workshops with public outcome installation- 2 week community workshops with local culturally specific mothers groups and elders to devise and develop content for installation space including lullabies in local languages, woven artefacts for sensory area and local stories for story time. By having access to culturally appropriate resources and methods of engaging with their babies, Karrkay Binalmal is facilitating families to create a holistic foundation for the baby that is inclusive of their developmental and cultural needs.

Venue Format
Hall, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The installation can be adapted for budget and space with a minimum of two artists and up to eight for full installation. The size will allow different elements to be activated with musicians, craft activities etc. We are happy to negotiate and can be inside or under a 6X3 marquee

Lia Pa’apa’a Lia is a Creative Producer and Community Arts Cultural Development practitioner who has been highly successful in delivering dynamic creative programming and powerful platforms across cultural festivals, projects and gatherings that focus on community empowerment, capacity building, intergeneration exchange and advocacy across art forms. Lia’s work has engaged artists and their communities across urban, region and remote contexts. As an artist, Lia is an emerging practitioner with a focus on intergenerational exchanges and reconnecting to culture and wellbeing through ancestral food, weaving and story. Merindi Schrieber Merindi’s Kuku Yalanji heritage (Mossman, North Queensland) is celebrated through her creative song compositions connecting her past to present. Merindi embraces traditional language in performance, expressing stories from her mother’s land.

Her vocal notes have hit the stages of Port Fairy Folk Festival, Woodford Festival, CIAF to name a few. Stepping into a producer role early 2018, Merindi’s projects include Kuku Yalanji Language Advisory Coordinator and Creative Producer of Miriki Performing Arts 2018 Bayal Kaymanen production.

A mother of five, Merindi knows first hand the need for cultural resources and spaces for mamas and their babies. The Karrkay Binalmal project compliments Merindi’s passion and drive to preserve, maintain and share language, history and culture.

Unique Selling Point

Karrkay Binalmal is a platform for intergeneration exchange for babies and their families during the most critical, exhausting and precious time of a family’s life. It is a creative cultural response to a baby’s developmental needs. Karrkay Binalmal is a culturally safe space for artists and mothers to share their learnings through song, stories, weaving and craft. By having access to culturally appropriate resources and methods of engaging with their babies, Karrkay Binalmal is facilitating families to create a holistic foundation for the baby that is inclusive of their developmental, creative and cultural needs.

Marketing Materials

Karrkay Binalmal is currently developing an online presence which will include FaceBook and Instagram. Part of the greater ongoing project is to create resources such as song books and recording for participants to take away with them as well as cultural resources. We have images from the Cairns Children's Festival and are awaiting more images from Yarrabah Festival.

Community Engagement

Option 2) Community workshops with public outcome installation. The methodology used is of reciprocity between the visiting artists and workshop participants. Workshops will be delivered to local artists and mother who will work with Lia and Merindi to develop a suite of resources to populate their own culturally and site specific 0-12 month old space. Lia will facilitate the visual arts component which will include the creation of rattles, baskets, soft toys and balls, mobiles and tummy time blankets. The mediums utelised but not limited to are weaving, sewing, knitting and crocheting. Each group will create culturally appropriate resources that can be kept for the space to be re-created in the future. Merindi will facilitate the story telling and song elements of the workshops. An experienced singer/songwriter, Merindi will work with local elders and community member to research any existing songs in language that would be appropriate as well as create new songs with participants. All songs will be transcribed and recorded so that participants can have access to them for personal future use. The same process will be undertaken for stories, Merindi will work with elders to learn and document stories that can be shared as part of the space.