Four performers explore the boundaries of strength and tenderness. Bodies are pushed and pulled, weighed and tested, probing the limits of both physicality and feeling.

In Knee Deep, unlikely bonds are forged and acts of intimacy co-habit space with thrilling physical feats, as the audience is invited to re-imagine notions of limitation. Throughout this journey, the artists demonstrate that delicacy does not necessarily equate to fragility, although it is often a fine line to tread.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party
4 performers, 1 technical director and 1 production/tour manager.

Venues must be suitable for rigging aerial equipment and therefore have appropriate height and tested rigging points in place. We provide extensive rigging plans and technical specifications to make sure both parties are clear on requirements. Venues must also have appropriate lighting and sound equipment, again we provide very clear and specific technical requirements to make sure this is agreed upon before contracting. We have no physical set as such, the show uses minimal props and equipment making it 'light' and very tourable. Due to the physical risk involved in this production, the required conditions are specific and must be met. We have created this show to be able to perform in the round or end on staging.

Casus is recognised as a leader in contemporary circus on the international stage.

Renowned for their aesthetic of delicately human circus, Casus Circus’ premier work Knee Deep is an international sensation. Performed in over 15 countries in 2015 alone, Knee Deep won international accolades including Best Circus & Physical Theatre 2016 Adelaide Fringe and Best Circus & Physical Theatre Avignon 2015.

On the success of Knee Deep Casus have grown to an established touring company of sixteen acrobats, making up three casts which tour internationally with the shows Knee Deep, Tolu, Chasing Smoke and Driftwood.

Casus Circus performances are rich in human connection, integrity, cultural diversity and precise, intelligent choreography. Acrobats fill the stage with momentum and stillness, with strength and fragility, and overwhelm audiences with breathless emotion that often leads to a silent theatre throughout the performance– followed by a standing ovation at the end.

Off stage, Casus actively work to maintain their human connections through community engagement, education, and collaboration alongside their performance works.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

'Knee Deep' has toured successfully worldwide since making it's debut at The Edinburgh Festival in August 2012. The show has attracted rave reviews wherever it goes, the audience reactions have been phenomenal and the show continues to be in huge demand. Knee Deep is a very accessible and unique Circus show for all ages, is performed to a stimulating sound track, a stunning yet simple lighting design and uses no language. Circus in recent years has seen a huge resurgence, the combination of new skills, contemporary choreography and technical advances continues to attract and satisfy audiences of all ages and tastes.

Marketing Materials

The website has excellent videos of all productions, up to date reviews from global media and reviewers. We have an excellent flyer and poster design which can be easily adapted to add specific venue information. We also run workshops and masterclasses with professionals and amateurs of all ages, we create specific workshops dependant on abilities of participants. Where appropriate we do create merchandise for sale after the performances and enjoy meeting our audiences face to face to allow discussion and reflection.

Community Engagement

We create specific workshops and engagement opportunities for local participants wherever appropriate. Circus arts and physical skills are a very inclusive and fun way of engaging both amateurs and professionals alike, we enjoy teaching ensemble technique which in turn teaches participants to share and support others, this often has a profound effect on many. We also teach specific skill development workshops to share our techniques and practice, acrobatics, and aerial work are very popular. We also enjoy creating performances with participants which can even be presented as a 'pre-show/introduction' to our productions