What is “home” for you? Come to the "Kooch" to enjoy a fusion of vocal, dance, jazz, visual arts

Kooch: Songs of Migration brings together folk music from around the world with the creative adventure and personal expression inherent in jazz and improvised forms for a reflective journey evoking the essence of the migration experience. A performance between Shirin Majd, her ensemble, visual art and dancer, Kooch fuses traditional and new songs from the Farsi, Turkish, Spanish and English languages including Australian folks such as Waltzing Matilda. The performance can help to bring together different ethnicity backgrounds by giving them knowledge and information about various cultural music background which help creating coherence in the society. Kooch presents a musical experience of Mastaneh Nazarian (one of the creators/composer) for bringing to life the universal themes that migrants have faced throughout time and place with songs of hope, peace, belonging and love’s passage. The project and performance is aimed directly at the following groups:

  • Communities with diversity background in major urban cities around Australia
  • Women from all nationalities
  • Supporters of multicultural arts and performances.
  • Different ethnicity background language speaking communities
  • Dance, Jazz, Jazz Fusion music, classical music and Opera lovers
  • Students club or community in different languages
  • it is beneficial for the educational programs for youngsters

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall
Technical Rating
Touring Party
1 dancer, 5 musicians and 1 stage manager

We need video projection, audio equipment for full version of this performance (with 6 performers), we may be able to run this show in special situations by minimise the performers to just 2 persons with assist of backing track.

Sweet Sound aspires to create a fusion of musical culture. The group was established by Shirin Majd in the year 2000 in Iran. Since then she has performed in a variety of different styles such as, western classical songs, opera and Iranian folk. She has performed extensively across Austria, Iran and Australia. Sweet Sound ensemble achieves the fusion music by presenting programs that take the audience on a journey through diverse musical traditions. It creates unique interpretations of well known Western Classical Music and Iranian folk music. In July 2015. “Rebirth” project was successfully held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane The internationally recognised contemporary ballet dancer, Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam accompanied the “Sweet Sound” ensemble. To achieve this, a team of professionals have been engaged to produce Rebirth. Our team consists of both Australian and Iranian experts, who have been collaborating in order to bring this innovative project together. We believe that music is a fusion of sweet sounds that come from the heart and touch the heart of the audience.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Shirin (artistic director) has been active across Australia and internationally as a performer, artistic director, composer and promoter of cultural awareness and understanding of different element of cultures . This project focused on folk songs around the world and here in Australia, in different languages and using other art forms such as Dance, visual art and popular jazz ensemble to make this show more interesting for different type of audience with any background and language. As an artistic director, she is always looking for ways to collaborate across cultures with exceptional artists from Australia and abroad which is engaging more attention.

Marketing Materials

facebook event page for Kooch's first performance in Edinburgh Fringe festival, poster and flyers applied for the performance. we already ave our first interview with www.mumble.net. Radio 4EB will be our sponsor in this show. Kooch CD published by Sweet sound Ensemble in 2019. We already made 3 video clips from the songs of Kooch. Sunpac venue will be our venue for primmer performance in Australia in 19th October 2019. We ad photo shoot for marketing material.

Community Engagement

Kooch: songs of migration will introduce different cultures and languages. We gathered the Folk songs from different countries and languages, I believe the similarity between how people express their love in different environment would close people and communities to each other better than before. As a part of this show we can run singing workshop for children and adults; to teach them simple folk melodies and make them familiar with different languages and traditions. Creating feedback form to have our audience idea to develop our performance during our tour. Engaging the 4EB Radio as our media sponsor as they have access to different communities. Engaging Iranian society of Queensland as our sponsor (providing venue for our rehearsals and workshops). Engaging the Musical Circles company to create opportunities to perform the show in different schools to introduce folks musics and traditions to young generation. I am having the benefit of cooperating with my colleague from Griffith Conservatorium for my performance in Queensland.