LEGEND & THE LOCALS is an annual tour (featuring a different Australian music Legend each year) of regional Queensland communities. The well known music ‘Legend’ is backed by a full band made up of Queensland musicians, accompanied by an up and coming support act, and invites locals to join the show for unique collaborations.

The tour stays for two days in each town, with the ‘Legend’ connecting with the community on the first day through workshops. The entire day is dedicated to honing the skills of the locals, developing collaborations, and preparing them to step onto the stage, side by side with the Legend. The second day is reserved for rehearsals with the locals, followed by the awe inspiring show in the evening, featuring the hits of the ‘Legend’, and showcasing the talents of the locals.


• Build regional music capabilities by providing extensive workshop and performance opportunities • Support the growth of the QLD music industry by engaging QLD support acts, and supporting new talent in remote areas • Support the growth of regional towns by attracting audiences from larger centers • Support the economy of regional towns by collaborating with local presenting groups, who then retain all profits

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Show provides own sound and lighting equipment. Venues require 3-phase power.

Little Mountain Productions is headed by Queensland musician Kate Schlick (neé Leahy). The aim of Little Mountain Productions is to bring music to the regions in a way never before heard of... connecting Australian music legends, with everyday Australian locals. Kate is dedicated to producing tours that are both awe-inspiring and affordable, and has already produced two such successful tours in QLD.

LEGEND & THE LOCALS first took to the road in 2014 featuring music Legend Wendy Matthews. The tour was an enormous success, taking in six towns (Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Collinsville, Moranbah, Cappella & Mount Morgan), SELLING OUT at four of the six shows (with local presenting groups in all towns making a profit), and incorporating 144 locals on stage.

The 2014 tour featuring Wendy Matthews was jointly funded by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and from the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Livingstone Shire Council; and by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts.

The 2013 regional music tour was supported by Creative Capricorn, which is jointly funded by the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Queensland and Rockhampton Regional Council.

Unique Selling Point

Having an Australian Music Legend performing is already a major draw card for audiences. To see some of their own local faces up on stage too gives the audiences a sense of pride, and inspires the local musicians beyond imagination, filling them with the belief that they achieve their musical dreams.

LEGEND & THE LOCALS aims to uncover and promote as much local talent as possible, and with the ample workshop & rehearsal time, we are able to be flexible and work with whatever talent we discover.

Marketing Materials

  1. Media Schedule as per the 2014 tour featuring Wendy Matthews: Radio announcements:
    • unveiling the Legend, on every possible radio station;
    • putting the call out for local talent in each town
    • announcing local talent to be involved
    • TV and radio advertisements will run for a month before the show.
    • Newspaper advertising campaign
  2. Active Facebook promotional campaign.
  3. CDs etc from the Legend will available for sale at every show.

Community Engagement

LEGEND & THE LOCALS is based on extensive community engagement.

• Connect with school / town orchestras, delivering orchestral sheet music for 2 songs to be part of the show (minimum six months prior to show). Supporting the in-school rehearsal process, and finally work-shopping the pieces during the ‘workshop’ day to ensure every participant feels confident to join the show.

• LEGEND & THE LOCALS duet. This feature was such a success in 2014, and will continue to be a part of the show into the future. The duet song is first chosen, and then locals are invited to apply to perform. The ‘Legend’ chooses the lucky winner, who will then be supplied with the necessary song, lyrics and music, supported through the rehearsal phase prior to the show, and then given one-on-one time with the ‘Legend’ and band to rehearse.

• Local bands will be given the opportunity to apply to perform their own material or cover songs, in the role of first support act for the evening.

• At any point during the workshop and rehearsal process, the participants are invited to ask as many questions of the ‘Legend’ as they like, relating to the music industry and music in general.