But you don’t look gay?

Lesbian Love Stories is a cabaret/verbatim piece performed by three local lesbians, and one rockin’ pianist. Featuring anonymous true tales of lady love from across the globe, this heart-warming and hilarious performance is delivered through song and speech by powerhouse women, with the vocals to match

Stories will be shared, drinks may be spilt, and we promise not to tell anyone how you smudged your lipstick…

Don’t miss this new honest and fun show, with an awkward moment (or three) thrown in for good measure.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Adult themes, occasional course language

The Local Lesbians is a production company focussing on LGBTQIA+ stories, headed by lesbian couple, Natasha Veselinovic and Chloe Taylor. They were formed in February 2021, in preparation for RPAC’s Stage Sessions. Initially Natasha and Chloe had no intention of continuing as a production company, post the RPAC event; however audience feedback prompted them to reconsider. They received overwhelming amounts of praise from industry professionals regarding the quality of the performance, and countless messages from members of the queer community, thanking them for providing accurate representation. This highlighted the importance of the company, and encouraged the duo to continue making work.

Following RPAC, Lesbian Love Stories has been requested, and performed at two professional venues; the Brisbane Powerhouse (main theatre) and MetroArts (New Brenner Theatre) - both of which were sold out seasons. The Local Lesbians have an event called ‘Queers;’ coming up in October 2021 at Backdock Arts, which is a variety night for all queer artists, and will also be performing Lesbian Love Stories once again as part of Wynnum Fringe Festival in November 2021.

Unique Selling Point

Natasha and Chloe created the The Local Lesbians as they found that there were very few queer shows being presented on stage that they personally identified with. LLS is a series of true stories told verbatim through vignettes which explore the queer experience from a variety of perspectives. This is particularly appealing to a gay audience, as it is rare that their lives are showcased in this way. The show additionally provides insight and education to those curious to learn more about the lesbian lifestyle.

Marketing Materials

Audience promo video, show promo video, performance images, reviews, testimonials, targeted social media ads

Community Engagement

  • Cabaret writing workshops
  • A variety night showcasing all queer artists, hosted by The Local Lesbians
  • Selecting a lesbian who lives locally to feature in Lesbian Love Stories
  • Open forum Q&A