Magic energy. You’ve never seen anything like it. Pow, flash, mystique. In front of your very eyes.

The Simonetti touch awaits you. It’s flummoxed audiences across the globe. Now it’s your turn.

You’ll go home laughing and with a head surrounded by floating question marks. What the..??????

Elio is it. Just watch him go magicadabra unlike anything anywhere. Pure miracles draped in delight. No camera tricks. Just peerless conjuring and a life-time of practice.

See - beautiful birds doing magnificent things. Watch them fly into visibility. And flutter into the bedazzling world of invisibility. Just like that.

Enjoy - a burst of Spring when flowers blossom in the blink of an eye. And it will send a twinkle into your eye too.

Gasp – when untold wealth is plucked gingerly out of the ether. All with the Midas touch. Something you’ll remember forever.

Wrap this magnificence with the gift of music packed with surprises and your whimsy synapses might need attention from a medical professional.

You’ll rub your eyes into sparkling mode. Dance, flourish and illusion…what more could you want?

Something to tell your children and grandchildren about. Or maybe they’ll tell you.

THE Elio Simonetti is here.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
1 or 2 performers plus 1 or 2 crew.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Introduce children to the marvels of the world and re-acquaint adults with wonderment.

Marketing Materials

Support material will include media releases, promotional stunts, images, artwork, video and online presence via website and social media.

Community Engagement

For school audiences the performance might include a workshop component and comprehensive teacher's notes.