A bonkers comedy lecture about pop songs.

"Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer)" is a comedy about pop songs, written and performed by Tom Hogan & Bonnie Leigh-Dodds.

In order to create the show, we listened to thousands of dedications, and took note of the most requested songs. In the show, we pit the love songs of history - from Celine Dion to Edith Piaf to Aerosmith - up against contemporary politics. (ie: Does Ronan Keating's "(You Say It Best) When You Say Nothing At All" hold up against contemporary feminism?). The show sorts through all 100 songs to find out which is the objectively best love song of all time. It's hilarious, and heartbreaking, stirring up nostalgia and joy, all the while exploring contemporary performance and sincerity, through dance, academia, and comedy.

The work was originally presented at PACT in 2018, and went on to a sellout season at Melbourne Fringe Festival. It picked up a nomination for Best Performance at the Fringe Awards, and received two Green Room Award nominations, as well as a 4.5 star review in The Age. We also created a podcast called 'Missing Richard Mercer'. The podcast and show was such a success that Bonnie & Tom hosted the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards. The tour is managed by ArtsOnTour.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall
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Performances contain occasional course language, suggested adult content. Projector and screen required. There are no APRA licensing fees. Wider spaces are preferred, as the choreography and performance requires breadth rather than depth. Minor use of floor work may require tarkett.

Ten Tonne Sparrow is a performance company created by independent multi-disciplinary artists Tom Hogan (aka Scott Sandwich), Joe Lui, and Finn O’Branagáin. We work across Australia (Finn & Joe in Perth, Tom in Sydney) creating work that uses storytelling, pop-sociology, pop-science, history, and the sheer force of charm and exuberance to talk about the stories we tell about ourselves.

Scott Sandwich is an award winning performance poet with work featured nationally, as well as across Finland, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, and Benin. Scott Sandwich is a stage name for prolific composer and theatremaker Tom Hogan, who has worked on over 70 productions nationally.

Finn O’Branagáin is a playwright, storyteller, director and dramaturg, presenting work at The World Theatre Festival, National Science Week, ATYP, Metro Arts, JUTE theatre, Mudlark Theatre, Corrugated Iron, the National Young Writers’ Festival, 2High, the Sydney Opera House, the State Library of QLD, Bondi Feast and The Blue Room Theatre.

Joe Lui is a deviser, designer, and director, and the creative leader of Renegade Productions, with credits spanning Black Swan State Theatre Company, PICA, Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company, Perth Theatre Company, pvi collective, The Blue Room and more.

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Unique Selling Point

The content is hugely relatable to a massive cross section of people - Love Song Dedications as a hook adds massive sellability and word-of-mouth power, with nostalgia and joyful cringe. The show deals with the fondness of the general public for the songs, yet finds significance in them too.

The form of the show is extremely versatile, bending towards stand-up and cabaret but with theatre sensibilities, catering equally to non-traditional theatre goers and spaces, as well as contemporary performance enthusiasts and venues. It's both joyous, clever, and, ultimately, beautiful.

The show is highly affordable for presenters of all sizes.

Marketing Materials

  • Gorgeous HD hero image, as well as profile photos of the devisor/performers, by nick mckk.
  • Production Photos
  • Music Masterclass ("Teacher of the Year") and a movement workshop, presented by the performers
  • A 9 episode podcast with notoriety in the podcast industry.
  • A list of passionate media reviews and pull quotes
  • Previous works, presented as easily sharable short video works, by the performers
  • Charming and marketing savvy performers keen for interviews and local performances
  • Easily accessible website for the podcast and show information (http://missingrichardmercer.com)
  • Performers with experienced in touring regional Queensland

Community Engagement

Alongside the show, we have a series of music masterclasses and lectures, called Teacher of the Year. The lectures have been developed and presented at PACT, Sydney as a standalone show, but are intended for those with an interest in music, music theory, music history and trivia - and works as a supportive work alongside 'Love Song Dedications without Richard Mercer', presented by Tom Hogan. There are three lectures to choose from, and they each run for 90 minutes. For more information, visit https://tentonnesparrow.com.au/Teacher-of-the-Year-Lecture-Series