A comedy about a boy in love with a bicycle.

Lucy & Me is a clown based comedy about a boy who’s only friend in life is a beautiful red bicycle. Sphenn loves Lucy, he loves her more than apple strudel, morning yoga and his mum combined. But Sphenn has one big problem, he is about to be deported back to Germany and needs to make money to buy Lucy a ticket for the plane too. The pair embark on a riotous adventure to make cash quick, from conventional jobs to busking to internet stardom these two try it all. Lucy & Me is a story full of heart as a loveable idiot overcomes adversity for his best friend. Because who wouldn't do anything for their best friend? Audiences can expect great clown comedy, bizarre moments, a show stopping bicycle and a love story like no other.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The show requires minimal lighting equipment and can be adapted for a simple lights up and go, if need be. Sound is equally as simple, as we only require a speaker to play the cues from. The majority of the props fit into a suitcase with the only exception being a bicycle which folds down to be a little larger than a standard suitcase, all can easily fit in the back of a standard car together. There is no set and the required tech rehearsal can easily be completed in under 4 hours. The show has been performed in the past on stages as little as 3m x 2m, but also thrives in larger environments.

Nicolas is a multi-award winning writer and performer, with a passion for spreading laughter and telling compelling stories. He is also a professionally trained idiot under the clown stylings of Philippe Gaulier in France snd he also has completed a bachelor degree in stage acting from the University of Southern Queensland. Nicolas is also the co-director of Art for Earthlings, a fun interactive theatre company that provides workshops, stage shows, school packages and roving character for festivals, schools and events. All with the aim of promoting a passion for environmental sustainability with the younger generations.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Lucy & Me is a comedy show like no other. It utilises clowning, physical performance, props, puppetry and a show stopping bicycle. To transport audiences on a beautifully bizarre and hilarious journey, thorough a day in the life of a loveable idiot and his best friend a 1963 model Schwinster bicycle.

Marketing Materials

I have a filmed copy of the show to cut into several different promo videos, which can be adjusted to fit any digital platform (Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Websites). We have posters and promo images ready for print. We are also in process of finalising various marketing copy to help inform and persuade audiences to attend. We also have several written short comedy sketches, we plan to film and release online to help with exposure and ticket sales.

Community Engagement

Jennifer and myself have both had the privilege of being trained in clown from one of Europes great clown masters, Philippe Gaulier. Gaulier's method to clowning is a unique one wherein an individual is encouraged to discover what is special and unique about themselves and express that in order to become an engaging clown on stage. If given the opportunity, we would love to run clown workshops teaching this method to others who are looking to learn. We can tailor the workshops to facilitate a wide range of ages and skill levels. We have both taught to school groups and adult classes on several occasions. Running sessions for beginners and sessions for intermediate/advanced. Clowning is an excellent way to enable an individual or group to embrace their quirks and find a sense of happiness and pride in their differences. It brings people together and helps to fight off depression. So with these workshops we could leave a legacy of fun, happiness and laughter.