Partnering with children in design-thinking for sustainable homes

Is a pedal powered toilet a childish idea?

Lufthaus is a 30 minute interactive physical theatre show which encourages and inspires kids in the domain of design-thinking and future problem solving. In this show the children are taken on a tour of a constantly shape shifting house. With pedal powered toilets, bioluminescent windows and an out-of-control massage bed. The house is a wonder of fun as the children encounter both farcical designs and also honest environmentally conscious designs invented by real kids from around the globe.

When the protagonist and home-owner, Viviane was 8 years old she designed an incredible house. As a young girl growing up in Switzerland, people called her design a ‘Lufthaus’, or an ‘air-house’. Those who build houses in the air have big imaginations and to some people their designs can seem like a pipe dream.

Lufthaus is a humorous and exhilarating show for young children that left parents saying “my husband and I got to see how our kids' imaginative play was very similar to the performance…they kept talking about their own Lufthaus all afternoon. We can't wait to see the renovations to the next development.” (Charlotte, Mother of 3)

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Indoor or outdoor performance option

COVID social distancing considered.

Looping option available to accomodate smaller groups.

Complete set up provided by the company

With a combined 35 years of local and international dance practice, Alicia Harvie, Ashleigh White and Viviane Frehner are the Gogi Dance Collective founded in 2015.

By delivering high production values and excellence in choreography, visual and sound design, site and event management, Gogi’s unexpected, immersive experiences embolden audiences to explore their local spaces, connect with each other and shift their expectations of arts experiences.

The company is triennially funded by Gold Coast City Council, Gogi specialises in customised site­ specific dance experiences.

Producer and choreographer Harvie drives the creative collective’s exploration of new environments. White’s outstanding training at WAPPA elevates the company’s artistry. Frehner’s international career opens the regional company's perspective. Together they work closely with industry leaders such as Rosie Dennis (Director) and Roslyn Odes + Guy Webster (sound).

Gogi’s work has been commissioned by major festivals such as CommonWealth Games, Bleach Festival + Supercell Festival and been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Versatile in its presentation: pop up indoor/outdoor show.

Impressive yet minimalistic set design that easily captures walk by attention (eg. outdoor).

Interactive as kids partake physically in a tour and designing part of the house.

Inspiring physical movement play, design, problem solving.

The issues that this show addresses are current and relevant to the modern living and practical to a child's familiar space (their home).

Innovative and highly skilled use of dance and acrobatics

Marketing Materials

Teachers Resource Pack, Press Release, Promo Trailer, Production Images, Poster Design/ Hero Image

Community Engagement

Gogi Dance Company have experience in delivering movement workshops for all ages. Attached to this show is a custom workshop in which participants explore design-thinking and problem solving in motion, using their bodies with interactive movement games and tasks. Having the workshop linked to the show makes it a thrilling experience and highlights every human's innate creativity, playfulness & teamwork.