Machina, by Richard Jordan, is an ensemble piece which explores the nature of intimacy in the digital age. Machina revolves around the decision of, David Sergeant (34), to separate his mind from his body, via the technological advancements of the digital network called Machina. Machina is a global entity with one distinct point of difference; it offers the option of “Going Inside”. The concept is simple, yet potentially dangerously enticing: directly upload your consciousness to the network, and discard your need for a body.

The play begins one month after David’s decision, and follows the lives of 6 characters (his mother, his sister, and his online acquaintances) who are struggling to understand his physical absence. Each in their own way is also suffering from a mind-body disconnect: unable to access their emotions or feel safe in their own skin. As their lives intersect and collide on Machina, the truth behind David’s virtual goodbye is slowly brought to light.

The project’s artistic innovation lies in its “offline” aesthetic. The setting is ‘other worldly and incredibly stark. Most importantly, we are interested in blurring the boundaries between our characters’ online and offline realities, by exploring their digital lives within an “analogue” space.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
B, C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Performances contain some mild language and adult themes. Suitable for Audiences 16+

Catarina Hebbard is a much-in-demand award winning director. She has worked for QTC, La Boite, Ignatians, Harvest Rain, Out of the Box, QUT. Catarina is co-founder of MadCat Creative Connections a company set up to create work for local artists. Over the last 7 years she has directed, produced, written & developed works for audiences aged from 5yrs upwards. Each of these works represent important stories (in many forms) that have a deep connection to the human psyche. Many of the works presented by Catarina and MadCat Creative Connections are connected to place or self and explore themes that most can relate to including war, grief, loss, suicide, teenage angst, growing old, protection of the environment, the impact of the digital age, education, sexuality and freedom. Catarina is always looking to explore topics that are relevant in our current climate. Machina is no exception & raises the questions about the impact of our social media on us and the way we relate to others.

Unique Selling Point

  • Creative team: With an experienced creative team, several partners and the backing of La Boite Indie, we believe Machina has all the necessary ingredients to be one of the highlights of the 2014 theatre calendar. * Incredible support and positive enegry about the show: We believe the buzz we have created about the show for Machina at La Boite indie with both our pozible campaign & our 'whatismachina' website have is very strong selling point for the show and it's future. We raised more than $3000 in the first 62 hours of our Pozible campaign - we believe this indicates strong support for the project as well as faith in the creators, creatives & project. Award winning team: Richard Jordan was the winner of the 2009 QPDA with his play '25 Down', Catarina was part of the creative team on Hardly the Portrait of a Lady which won Best Script, Best Comedy & Best Actress as the Sydney S&S Cabaret festival. We have an incredible cast including Kaye Stevenson, Judy Hainsworth, Peter Rassmussen, Liam Nunan, Jack Kelly & Luisa Prosser. Richard is a multi-award winning playwright and has a number of published works to his name.Catarina is a well known much-in-demand director in Brisbane having worked with QTC, Ignatians, La Boite, Harvest Rain, Vena Cava, QUT and Out of the Box/Qld Museum. Machina is being published by Playlab press in time for our La Boite Indie season May 2014.We have compiled Teachers resource pack for Senior Secondary Students. We have a compelling prequel to the show - patrons sign up to the mailing list at and become part of the story. The themes of the play are incredibly relevant in our 'online' kind of world: Disconnectedness, the impact of social media on families and relationships, loneliness, suicide, loss, grief, Cyber-stalking/bullying.

Community Engagement

We are looking to share this show with a wide audience including senior school students. We have developed and education support pack to distribute to teachers. We would like to invite schools to participate in Q & A Sessions with the artists and the writer/director post show. We are also excited about the prospect of holding workshops in school communities related to the creating of new works and developing an artistic vision.

We would love to offer small community group workshops on how to develop new works from Directing, producing & writing through to realisation of the project.