What's the difference between a Maddie and a Karen? 20 years and a mortgage.

What’s the difference between a Maddie and a Karen? 20 years and a mortgage.

After running into Karen at a boutique patisserie, two Maddies realise they are six degrees of separation away from becoming the women they love to hate... Will self-awareness be enough to stop them from growing into the next stereotype? Or will their loud mouths and annoying quirks turn them into the punching bag of their generation?

This status-quo challenging production is not an attack on Karens, but on Keyboard Warriors. Maddie is the New Karen is raw, comedic and utterly contemporary - asking the big questions like: Do you mind if I could maybe please speak to the Manager?

Premiering at Wynnum Fringe Festival, this bold new multi-media production tackles a world with large generational borders and will provoke some punchy conversations.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Although this work would ideally include the ability to use a projector - we have performance scaling options that mean that we could still deliver this work in flexible staging environments (eg. outdoors).

Unique Selling Point

This show is unflinchingly honest and productively self-deprecating. Audiences find these characters instantly recognisable, both in art and in life. The idea of a ‘Karen’ is universal. We all know one, or are one, or are trying not to be one. It’s a term that is thrown at people, in disgust, and in intolerance. This show tackles a current phenomenon, debunks its most superficial assumptions, and turns those assumptions on their head.

Marketing Materials

As this is a new work, full marketing collateral will be delivered at a later date.

Community Engagement

Our diverse engagement activities will be fun, empowering and bring more audiences into the theatre. Three separate engagement events can occur prior to our performance. Karen Open Mic can take place the night before the performance; it will introduce your community to us as the creators of the work, as well as generate stories that we will use in a section of the show (with permisson). In Schools, our Kranky Karen masterclass will help target rage into action, and give students the tools to turn their life experiences into new devised work. We can also deliver a writing Masterclass for all members in the community. Madeline Romcke has over 10 years experience delivering Masterclasses in communities and schools with shake & stir theatre co and Madeleine Border has two published plays through Playlab Theatre - our vibrant energy will warm your community and make the prospect of a night at the theatre one they can’t turn down.