Mario Queen of the Circus is the world's greatest Queen fan and expert in circus and comedy!

Mario Queen of the Circus is rock group Queen's biggest fan, a born showman and expert in both circus artistry and comedy. Brimming with unbridled passion, the Latin Lothario's hilarious full-length show and irresistible variety numbers have wooed audiences and won accolades the world over. Featuring the music of super group Queen, Mario showcases his phenomenal circus skills - including his world famous 3-ball juggling routine to Another One Bites the Dust - delivering a finely tuned, perfectly paced show with mass audience appeal and rock show energy. Mario has performed the world over as part of the Olivier award winning La Clique and La Soiree and, most recently, Opium in Las Vegas. He is a legend of the European outdoor festival circuit where he has toured the show on and off for a decade where he is lauded by promoters and producers for providing major impact with minimal technical fuss. The Mario Queen of the Circus show is extremely flexible: catering to indoor and outdoor venues, free and ticketed events, all ages or adults only. The production's run length is also flexible and could be 20 - 60 minutes, though the ideal running time is around 45 mins.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Performance and comedy content is flexible and can be altered for varying audiences Space must be around 5m x 5m x 5m but it is possible to be smaller than this also please verify. Terrain can be a stage, pavement, grass, gravel as long as the ground is dry and relatively flat Performer holds current PLI.

On Brief – On Budget – On Time

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Unique Selling Point

Mario Queen of the Circus is an all ages, circus, comedy and music spectacle delivered by a uniquely appealing and highly charismatic character. It is full of surprises and features an unforgettable audience finale. The success of this show lies in the enduring magic of the music of Queen, coupled with a finely tuned rhythm, high level circus skills, cheeky comedy and improvising which can only be provided by a master of his art. Such is the demand for this show that it has toured globally for the last 12 years and been translated and performed in 5 different languages.

Marketing Materials

  • Promotional footage, whole show or short acts available
  • Various Images, production and studio
  • marketing copy
  • press release

Community Engagement

Clarke McFarlane (the alter-ego of Mario) is available for circus workshops and seminars 3 workshops are available

  • Basic Circus skills (ages 7+) including object manipulation, juggling, hula-hoops.
  • Juggling (all ages)
  • Skills presentation. 1 seminar - Focusing on Organisational Health, Growth Mindset and Creativity.
  • includes stories from his touring life, couple with exerpts from the show, using the story of Queen the band to inspire greater success within organisations, corporations and business.