See you at the other wedding alter.

A relationship between an Indian-Australian university professor and her Taiwanese-Australian graduate student is short lived after learning their families have arranged separate marriages for them. The star-crossed lovers, who met by chance on the popular dating game show "Marry Me Maybe", must now convince their traditional families to accept their union, before they inevitably stand at different wedding altars. The question is – can their love shine through when the whole world seems to be against them?

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
Minimum touring party: 8 | Scalable to larger company

As noted above, the show can be presented with a small company of 8. However, it can be scaled depending on venue size and budget to include an additional 9 supporting cast and band. No critical technical requirements other than controlled lighting.

Kenji Lee aka. Daniel is a composer, producer, writer-director, educator, and filmmaker of Taiwanese and Japanese heritage based in Queensland. He created his first video when he was 11 years old, first song when he was 13, and has been creating content ever since. His most recent project as writer-director and producer is former world boxing champion Jeff Horn's short film "SLUGGER", which was featured on the ABC, Channel 7, Channel 9, and the Courier Mail. As a baritone singer, Kenji has been trained in musical theatre singing by numerous vocal coaches in Taiwan and Jason Barry-Smith in Australia. Kenji was selected as one of the six writers who attended Screen Queensland's exclusive "SQ Lab: Screenwriting with Wendall Thomas" workshop in 2019. He is currently receiving creative theatre mentorship from Katie Woods, which marks his transition back into musical theatre. As a part-time school teacher, Kenji was nominated a finalists for the Queensland Beginning Teacher of the Year Award in 2019 and the Australian Education Rising Star of the Year Award in 2020. Kenji strongly believes that the arts is about cultural diversity, positivity, and giving back to the community. He has faith that we can make this world a better place through theatre, music, and film.

Unique Selling Point

The idea of “Marry Me, Maybe” is a new, refreshing, and unique concept. The diversity of the characters and music is timely and will showcase a multicultural Australian society. The project will incorporate a mix of Contemporary, Bollywood, and Asian music. Queensland has a well-established audience for music theatre and the community has a great taste for comedy. This is an uplifting show that will cheer people up and show there is more to other cultures than meets the eye. We are all humans who are capable of respecting and loving each other no matter where we may come from.

Marketing Materials

We will develop high res production and publicity photos. Digital assets and promo footage.

Community Engagement

Opportunity to engage with local talent to form the supporting company for the show. Additional community engagement opportunities will be explored.