SA based acoustic trio present unique style of Australian entertainment combining music and spoken word. All-Australian songs ranging from traditional bush/folk, country, contemporary, comic and originals. Spoken word material includes classics from Lawson, Paterson and others plus contemporary comic dialogue scenes. At festivals can present concerts, predominantly songs/music; themed concerts, mix of songs and spoken word; and storytelling performance (Henry Lawson’s “The Loaded Dog” for children/families).

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Performing at National Folk festival in 2017 Max tour 2 week blocks Listed performance fees are + GST

Established in 1997, Splash Theatre Company is an independent, professional, touring company. We perform at arts centres, festivals, halls, pubs, museums, libraries, schools, parks - wherever an audience gathers for us to share our stories.

We maintain a repertoire of productions, thus, each can continue to develop over a large number of performances and several rehearsal periods.

Our work is characterised by energy, creativity, great stories and songs, generosity, and making audiences of all ages feel welcomed and engaged.

ME 'N ME MATES Australian songs & stories has been touring in SA, Vic, NSW, NT, ACT since 2010

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Unique Selling Point

Unique concept combining music/song and spoken word, suits any venue or audience, uniquely Australian. We create a friendly, intimate atmosphere with audience as we share songs and stories to make a genuine connection with audience rather than performing at them. This continues after performances as we talk with the punters over a cuppa or a beer - they also want to share their stories, sayings, favorite songs/poems with us. This interaction informs how we select material for inclusion as the performance evolves. Duration of performance is flexible; morning matinees - 60/75 mins, night time shows - 2 hours, school shows 50 mins plus Q&A

Marketing Materials

Media releases, reviews, photos, clips, testimonials, artwork (poster, flyers), Youtube clips

Community Engagement

Workshops, informal social interaction, Q&A sessions. Workshops can include instruments demonstrations, teaching songs, storytelling, dramatisation