A tragic and epic story of love, betrayal, revenge and grief.

Medea is a former Barbarian Princess who left her world behind for the man she loves. When she learns that her husband Jason, leader of the Argonauts, is planning to leave her to marry Glauce, the Greek Princess of Corinth, her love and passion turns to blind rage. With her place in Greek society already under threat, Medea is then banished into exile. This devastating betrayal drives Medea to plot a shocking and calculated revenge on Jason, and take back control in a society ruled by men.

Shock Therapy Productions add their signature touch to this psychological thriller, one of the greatest classics of the western canon. This stylised, minimalist production combines conventions of traditional Greek Tragedy, Epic Theatre, Physical Theatre and multiple role playing, to deliver an intense and gripping experience accompanied by a thumping contemporary soundtrack.

Directed by Sam Foster and Hayden Jones

Performed by Ellen Bailey, Sam Foster and Hayden Jones

Sound Design by Guy Webster

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party

This production is suitable from secondary school students as well as general public audiences. As a new component of the Qld Secondary Schools Drama Syllabus this play will be popular amongst Senior Drama students.

Shock Therapy Productions is a Gold Coast born arts company founded in January 2015 by Sam Foster and Hayden Jones.

Shock Therapy Productions has quickly established itself as a leading company in the delivery of high quality, relevant, multidisciplinary performance, and a leader in the Arts and Culture sector on the Gold Coast and in South East Queensland.

Company founders Sam Foster and Hayden Jones have a wealth of industry experience, artistic vision and enthusiasm that drives the ethos of the company.

Shock Therapy Production’s vision is to create Provocative Arts Experiences, through story telling that explores what it is to be human - provocative, challenging, uplifting and impactful.

Shock Therapy have been awarded the Matilda Award for Best Independent Production 3 times and have also been finalists in the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneurs Awards twice.

The company currently receives Triennial Operational funding from the City of Gold Coast.

Shock Therapy’s work has been commissioned by major festivals, been published by Playlab, toured both nationally and internationally and been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.

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Unique Selling Point

This production of a Greek classic fuses contemporary forms of physical theatre, live music, puppetry and epic theatre with classical conventions of mask and chorus to present Euripides masterpiece in a modern style while honouring the heart of the original narrative. The themes of patriarchy and womens rights ring true in our current World and Medea is a complex and sympathetic look at the struggles of a women in a male dominated society.

Marketing Materials

Images Promo footage (Trailer) Teachers Resource Pack - Senior Drama students Marketing copy Company bios and CV Testimonials from Senior Drama teachers

Community Engagement

Shock Therapy Productions have a wealth of experience in delivering workshops for all ages and skill levels from school students to industry professionals. They have taught workshops in a range of areas including acting, physical theatre, devising theatre, producing and play writing and can cater workshops to meet the needs of most communities. These workshops can be offered in association with the touring production of Medea. These workshops can range from 1 hr - 1 day.

In addition to workshops, Shock Therapy Productions can offer Artist in Residency for schools, community groups or venues. Shock Therapy have devised and directed professional and youth theatre projects at several schools, venues and companies including HOTA (Arts Centre Gold Coast), NORPA and Queensland Theatre. These residencies can offer a deeper community engagement and can run for anywhere between a week to a month. These residencies can culminate in a public showing of any work developed throughout the residency.

Both the workshops or residencies will leave local members of the community with a range of new skills in the area of performing arts. This will create future opportunities for locals to enter the industry with relevant and useful skills and leave a lasting legacy for the community.