Experience the magic of love

MEERA The Production is a bold love story from 16th century India, portraying the life of a young princess and the endless, beautiful journey of her true unbridled love for Krishna. Musical-theatre told through mesmerising dance forms, intense drama, along with opulent costumes and beautiful music. Combining hand-crafted costumes, internationally composed music and next-generation stage-mapping visuals, audiences have been immersed in theatres around the world, capturing the essence of true love. "A BEAUTIFUL EXPLOSION of colour." That’s how MEERA has been described. MEERA creates an experience like none-other, one that will always be remembered. The result of countless hours of collaboration between passionate individuals, MEERA connects creatives all around the world, with one commonality – all in the pursuit of love & passion.

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B, C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
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Acting as the bridge between up-and-coming artists and the professional creative industry, Wild Dreamer Productions connects local artists with the resources they need for creative success.

Wild Dreamer Productions is a Queensland-based production house owned and operated by Aarti Bajaj, providing local amateur and trained professional artists the opportunity to combine their expert skillsets to produce international stage productions.

Whether an artist's passion is performing, production, makeup application or simply being immersed in the Creative Arts industry, Wild Dreamer is enabling the next generation of creative professionals to expand their artistic potential.

With a vision to be an internationally recognised production company with thousands of artists and creative potentials training and working around the globe, Wild Dreamer Productions is working to develop creative industry pathways to foster new learning and expanded development of new up-and-coming artists.

Through strategic partnerships with passionate partners, supporters and affiliates, Wild Dreamer artists harness and leverage new technologies, new opportunities and new experiences like never before.

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Unique Selling Point

MEERA is an authentic story with an elaborate theatrical experience along with:

  • exploration of ancient love story.
  • Indian classical and contemporary music
  • multiple dance forms including Indian classical, folk, ballet, jazz, pole, aerial, wild percussion and belly dance.
  • colourful costumes of beautiful swirling saris, silk coats and dazzling diamond jewellery
  • theatrical visual technology of 2D/3D projection for stage setup

Marketing Materials

Apart from the uniqueness of the production, we also have Marketing, Public Relation and Administration team who have proved their talents by making the premier of MEERA a sold-out show of 1,100 audiences at HOTA (Gold Coast, Australia) in 2018 and five successful shows at the ASB Waterfront (Auckland, New Zealand) in 2019. We also have below resources currently available.

  • Graphic designs for marketing flyers
  • Printed media walls
  • Images
  • Promotional footage
  • Production website
  • Audience reviews
  • Presenter’s pack
  • Main performers
  • Marketing, Public Relation and Administration team
  • 2D/3D projection material
  • Scripts and choreography
  • Music
  • Costumes

Community Engagement

Community is our lifeblood, with performers of the previous shows ranging from primary school students, lawyers, doctors and more, Wild Dreamer Productions is bringing together artists from all over the community and providing them a platform to express new ideas, learn new skills and create truely magical theatrical experiences. Wild Dreamer Productions has always been involving communities in our artistic processes and products. We work closely with communities to develop and deliver products by consulting with community members and groups about how to make the production more relevant to the community. With commitment, respect, cultural knowledge, resourcing and shared vision, Wild Dreamer Productions can make the community engagement work. We are also very determined to learn together throughout the process, gather feedbacks, evaluate the outcomes to ensure a positive legacy for all parties. The spectecular MEERA theatre experience will leave the audience in an emotion of wanting more and a realisation of their love for theatre. In the past, MEERA has collaborated with local actors and dancers from the communities where the shows have been showcased, which accelerated the community engagement towards the project.