Michael Pappalardo's version of Shakespeare's classical ballet tells the story of Duke Theseus of Athens, who meets the strong and beautiful Amazonian Queen Hypolita, who fall in love and declare their intention to marry. The pair prepare for their wedding when they are interrupted by a pair of young townspeople, who disagree over their upcoming wedding.

Townsperson Hermia, refuses to marry her betrothed Demetrius, as she loves local boy Lysander. Theseus declares that should Hermia not comply with her mother’s orders than she will be killed. Hermia and Lysander run away into the forest to elope with Demetrius and Helena chasing after them.

Meanwhile, Woodlands Fairy King Oberon and his estranged wife Titania have a disagreement over her changeling boy whom Oberon wants for his own. When Titania refuses, Oberon hatches a plan to have the child for himself, but when his henchman Puck makes a terrible mistake, our lovers become mixed up in a terrible mess.

What results is a hilarious story involving love triangles, magical influence and strange relationships as two worlds collide. A Midsummer Nights Dream is a positively beautiful production with strong performing artists, beautiful backdrops and dazzling costumes. Melbourne City Ballet at its finest.

Venue Format
Technical Rating
B, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

This production has previously been performed with fly towers for the three backdrops (12m x 6m). Can be performed without a flytower with a single forest backdrop suspended. Can be performed without any backdrops, however there are minimal sets. This work can be performed in flexible venues however due to the large number of artists on stage at any time, venues need to have a minimum of 7m x 8m for this work to be performed. Melbourne City Ballet's cues are based on general coloured washes with white face light. These cues are sent in advance for programming. Lighting and sound can be operated by Melbourne City Ballet or technical staff once cues are programmed. Other than flooring, lights and flys, there are very minimal technical preparations for this work.

Melbourne City Ballet has expanded quickly over the past few years under the director of Artistic Director Michael Pappalardo, who has changed the company’s focus from developing metropolitan audiences to expanding into regional/remote centres. The company is focused on delivering full classical ballets choreographed by Australian artists. By the close of 2016 the company will have performed across regional Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory, reaching over 15,000 patrons to their performances..

There are very large changes still in store for this upcoming organisation as the company continues to build a larger presence across Australia and abroad. Melbourne City Ballet will embark on their first international tour (Japan) and include new states South Australia & Tasmania to their network of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Northern Territory.

Melbourne City Ballet emphasise their strong focus on making ballet performances accessible to general audiences who otherwise would be unable to attend such performances. The productions are high quality works designed for touring to allow presenters to access full length classical ballet productions with a minimal bump in and out time. The company prefers to work alongside presenters to build new experiences for local communities to continue growth in classical ballet.

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Unique Selling Point

The work is a new choreographed work which still portrays the classic story in the traditional setting but in a format that makes the work more comprehendible for unfamiliar audiences. All of the costumes and sets have been made by our sponsors or in-house artists and do not feature with any other organisations. Being that the work is based on a Shakespearean classic, there is much sentimental attachment by audiences. This work features in many syllabus throughout the country for English, Dance and Theatre/Drama.

Marketing Materials

A Midsummer Night's Dream is a famous Shakespeare play featured in the Dance and English syllabus' across Australia.

Melbourne City Ballet offer (but not restricted to) the following for A Midsummer Night's Dream:

  • Marketing Imagery and Packs
  • Media Opportunities with Artists (i.e. Radio or other events)
  • Merchandise - Fairy Wings, Tiaras, Fairy Wands, Tutus, Programs

Community Engagement

A Midsummer Night's Dream will provide audiences with a fun but cultural experience by gaining access to classical ballet at prices which don't restrict families or venues financially. This has been very much a part of our company's ethos, providing professional classical ballet to those who otherwise would be unable to attend. This access provides those with inspiration towards taking part in performing arts or even in literature itself. This work assists those studying Shakespeare with a great way to understand this classic story.

Melbourne City Ballet offer optional Workshop Extras (includes Dance Classes, Pointe Shoe Decorating, Meet the Artists, Watch Rehearsals, Watch Classes, VIP After Function and Q&A)