Morgan Stern, the latest work from AWGIE award-winning playwright Gina Schien, explores one man's experience of psychosis. The question is which man?

Shifting between families, centuries and hemispheres, we are introduced to a mysterious character known only as The Gent, who has been seemingly dropped into the world of a young man living in Sydney in the 1970’s. We watch time swirl past The Gent's eyes. Fragmented stories of two families struggling with the mental illness of a young adult are contrasted against the backdrop of the infamous Bethlem asylum and contemporary psychiatric care.

Places, people and stories crystallise and dissolve throughout the performance, and the image of a one-eyed ornamental goldfish will come back to haunt you.

This moving, one man play puts schizophrenia centre-stage through an unconventional and powerfully immersive exploration of the human brain and will leave you with as many questions as answers.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
Three - one actor, one director(part-time) and one operator.

The show explores the adult themes of mental illness and suicide. It is a one-man show without a linear narrative. There are no critical technical requirements.

Company of Rogues was established in 2015 by Artistic Director Goldele Rayment to produce new work with an aim to present highly physicalized pieces that challenge the boundaries of contemporary theatre, our company members and the expectations of audiences.

Our narrative-driven productions, both devised and scripted, aim to externalise the invisible emotional landscape of the individual, to give audiences a visceral and poetic experience of the human condition. Our productions are impactful and uniquely theatrical, we are not interested in straightforward, realistic dramas. Whether is it is through an abstracted & fragmented narrative, high energy, colourful musical theatre or rich and complex design and physical theatre, we are committed to exploring what theatre could be.

An increasingly recognised emergent company we have produced two fully-staged scripted works & one creative development of newly-devised work, with the most recent production presented at the 70th Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Undercover Artists Festival (Australia) 2017.

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Unique Selling Point

'Morgan Stern' is based very closely on the playwright's brother's experience with schizophrenia. Stop start scenes chart his life through his own poetry, stories and medication details. Professional mental health workers and people with a lived experience have recognised and been deeply moved by this element of the story.

The play also satisfies a general audience by using Gothic drama to tell the Gent's part of the story in unique story telling style. It has the ability invoke deep empathy and to educe stigma around mental health and suicide.

Marketing Materials

We will provide access to our bank of marketing collateral including images, artwork, promotional and interview/behind-the-scenes videos, publicity material, both professional and audience reviews, social media collateral.

All promotional images can be branded for each individual venue.

Community Engagement

Audience members, both those who have been touched by mental health issues and those to whom it is new, will be leave with a deepened to empathy and compassion. Company of Rogues is committed to building relationships with communities and supporting them to explore the issues in the play. Artistic Director, Goldele Rayment, has a lived experience of Mental Illness and can offer tailored workshops to explore the issues of mental illness and suicide prevention. Both the actor and Goldele are experienced in facilitating community and cultural development workshops, particularly with marginalised communities.