Here we have Michael Veitch doing what he is loved for - original comedy. This piece is co-written by Simon Oats who also joins him on stage as the perfect matinee idol rogue. Set in a 1940's radio station, our stars perform two vintage radio shows, 'Flash Gordon' and 'Horror In The Wax Works' - but the real drama unfolds from the 'off-air' shenanigans.

Play within a play, layered stories and characters you both love and hate. This is not a radio drama - but it does sit in the celebrity of 1940's radio drama.

Sharply written, intelligent comedy that crosses politically correct boundaries but still manages to hold the audience by their heart-strings. A much-loved fading star is feeling the heat from a dashing newcomer. Talent verses stability, old verses new. Timeless themes handled with heart and humour. This is without a doubt a terrific night of entertainment with big laughs at a cracking pace.

Mystery in the Air has just finished a successful 2017 regional Victorian tour with the assistance of Regional Arts Victoria. It toured Melbourne & outer East Melb venues in early 2018 and is now looking to travel nationally in 2019.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

This show has done a regional tour of halls and theatres and has proven to be adaptable and flexible in rooms of various capacity and size.

There is no high swearing but there are adult concepts.

  • Available at short notice

Chester Creative has come out of successful creative collaborations between Michael Veitch & Brook Powell. Focused on original work and vibrant partnerships, this team brings creatives, marketing and production altogether in one company.

Chester Creative produces theatrical work to tour and runs workshops in the areas of arts, digital marketing, change management, storytelling and writing skills. Our workshops can be tailored to suit community groups, school groups, arts and writers festivals.

Mystery In The Air ( completed a successful tour with Regional Arts Victoria in September 2017 and we will be touring Hell Ship - the journey of the Ticonderoga in 2018. FLAK will be taken to regional Victoria in April 2018 and we have other works in development.

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Unique Selling Point

Live to air radio – they were the stars of their era. Enjoy the hilarity of Michael Veitch, back doing the comedy he’s loved for, paired with Simon Oats as they celebrate the sheer political incorrectness of the 1940’s in this original play.

This piece taps into the need for intelligent, quality comedy that is absolutly, great fun. Michael has a solid reputation for being able to provide just that and this piece doesn't dissapoint. Original work - not a remake or rewrite The timeless themes of the dependable old pro being outshone by the vainglorious star.

Marketing Materials

Mystery in the Air has:

• Digital assets include: • Actively run social media channels support the tour • Excellent photo library • Video content for promo footage • Reviews - from media & audience • Posters can be put together for venues • Copy etc all supplied

Chester Creative will assist with media promotion and social media content. The actors are available for radio and print media interviews via telephone if done prior to arriving in the region and are happy to go live where possible. Michael is a known media talent and this can be leveraged for promotional purposes.

  • Available at short notice

Community Engagement


  1. MYSTERY ON THE RADIO - RADIO TALENT – IS THAT YOU? Maybe you’re currently working in community radio, or have aspirations to. Michael Veitch has over 30 years of radio experience.

    • Content strategies
    • Voice modulation
    • Why timing & listening is so important on air
    • Managing guests
    • Preparation for when things go wrong
  2. THINK YOU’RE FUNNY AND WANT TO WRITE COMEDY? Michael & Simon will bring their extensive – and quite varied – backgrounds into the room and deliver ideas, tips and examples of what they view as the basics of comedic writing.

    • How to start
    • The writing framework
    • Ideas on the comedic process
    • Then just get it up!
  3. TWO CAN PLAY AT THAT - Tips for writing a two-hander. Need some inspiration for getting your own piece up and running? Simon & Michael discuss their approach to writing a two-hander such as Mystery in the Air.
    • How to start
    • Defining the story
    • Balance on stage – how to achieve it and how to tip it
    • Pace with just two of you
    • Economy of writing
    • Perform it anywhere you can!

All 3 hour workshops are $550

Other: • Radio station visits and guest appearances on local radio doing foley etc • Meet and great post-show