Wrath. Greed. Sloth. Pride. Lust. Envy. Gluttony.

Plunge into a wicked tale of ancient sin unleashed on the modern world.

Internationally acclaimed choreographer, Natalie Weir, and Queensland's Expressions Dance Company ensemble of award-winning dancers take you on a journey through the seven deadly sins in this edgy production, spiced with villainous wit.

Spotlighting the inherent frailty and imperfections that exist in us all, 7 Deadly Sins explores the age-old sinful nature of mankind retold through electrifying contemporary dance.

Natalie Weir’s unique insights into the human condition have earned EDC an impressive ten Helpmann Award nominations, the nation’s top honour for artistic achievement and excellence.

Rich imagery, extravagant costumes, electronic music and breathtaking movement pack an emotional punch in this devilishly delicious adventure.

Produced by Expressions Dance Company and Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

For the full performance video and more go to http://expressionsdancecompany.org.au/edc/tour/ Password EDCONTOUR

NB: TOURING BETWEEN 1st OCT - 16th DEC 2018 OR 1st FEB - 5th APR 2019

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
B, C
Touring Party

Please refer to the Technical Specifications attached. The production requires a minimum stage size of 10m wide x 8m deep (not including crossover) and pre-rig is essential to ensuring efficient bump-in. We can talk individually with you to ensure we bring the best performance to your venue.

Australasian Dance Collective is one of the nation’s leading contemporary dance companies. Established in 1984 as Expressions Dance Company, the company has created over 175 works by 70 international and national choreographers.

With an extraordinary ensemble of six dancers, the company has achieved significant recognition through national awards, including three Helpmann Awards and three Australian Dance Awards.

We are defined by our commitment to excellence in both performance and sector development, contributing to the evolution and future of contemporary dance. Annually we create multiple new works, collaborate nationally and internationally and present performance seasons at major Australian venues including our presenting partner venue QPAC.

Entering a bold new era under the leadership of renowned Artistic Director, Amy Hollingsworth, the Queensland-based company has a focus on collaboration, empowerment and artistic risk-taking to create exhilarating dance works that push boundaries and speak to the soul.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

7 Deadly Sins is a 'feast for all the senses'. An 'hour of fierce energy' that will enthral your audiences, the production boasts extravagant costumes, bold electronic music and the skill and beauty of EDC's ensemble of dancers. Designed with touring in mind, backed by rave critical and audience reviews and a range of marketing materials (including stunning imagery, footage and social media support), the show is sure to intrigue your audiences and provide a satisfying dance theatre experience for your program. Combined with an array of workshops and engagement opportunities, the work will appeal to dance, theatre and music audiences.

Marketing Materials

Marketing assistance available includes:

  • Media Releases
  • Media Reviews
  • High quality production photos, promotional photos and video
  • Teacher's notes
  • Help and support in developing and organising publicity opportunities
  • 'Behind the scenes' social media footage/photos
  • Template design for posters, flyers and programs (printing charged in addition)
  • Promotion via EDC's marketing channels

Community Engagement

EDC offers a range of contemporary dance workshops to secondary schools and dance schools and can work with you to find the best fit for each opportunity. EDC can also provide Professional Development opportunities for teachers, as well as audience engagement "value-adds" to each performance. We are happy to assist you to tailor an experience which suits your audience and region.

The following activities may be negotiated as requested:


  • Aspiring Dancers (aged 14 -18 yrs)
  • School Groups (Secondary, Dance Schools)
  • Professional Development: Dance and/or Drama Teachers (Secondary, Dance Schools)

INTRODUCTORY DANCE/ MOVEMENT WORKSHOPS -Adult Dance Workshop (all ages, absolute beginner or previous experience welcome) -Workshop for People with Special Needs (senior dancers, people with a disability or a movement related condition)


  • Open dress rehearsal for selected guests
  • Post show forum/ audience Q&A with dancers
  • Post show artist meet & greet (invite your special guests or valued sponsors)