Autobiographical tales from a forgotten suitcase

Necklace is an intimate, autobiographical and participatory performance exploring the experience of being treated and viewed as a burden on the medical system whilst bringing to light the joys, struggles and triumphs from diagnosis to acceptance. At turns funny and gutting, this story reminds us to be adventurers, always searching for the treasure within ourselves and others. This show will surprise and delight you and widen critical conversations about our perceptions of disability. Join Isabel and her suitcase for an adventure you will not forget.

Necklace can be performed anywhere- so far audiences have enjoyed the show in a bar, a sauna, a tent and a black box theatre. Necklace is performed in the round, big or small, lots of bells and whistles or just Isabel, suitcase and a circle of chairs.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
  • Occasional coarse language
  • Necklace is best placed to connect audiences together in an intimate setting due to its' participatory elements throughout the show. We recommend that the venue is set in a black box or a low set stage where Isabel (and her various characters) have easy access to the audience.

Isabel is a Brisbane based emergent artist with disabilities premiering a performance piece titled Necklace in 2022. Isabel’s creative practice is informed by transformative, participatory processes and involves improvisation, song, movement, storytelling, poetry, and silence. Performance highlights include her sold out work in progress showings of Necklace at Anywhere Festival in 2021 and a showcase of 3 Necklace scenes at Undercover Artist: Online (2020) filmed at QLD Theatre.

Isabel is also an experienced and well respected community development practitioner holding a Masters of Development Practice majoring in Community Development. Isabel has led many community development arts based projects and spaces working with people with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness (including young people), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people recovering from a disaster. Isabel's highlights in the community development arts field include launching Words and Other Mediums Magazine at the Brisbane Fringe Festival and Brisbane Writers Festival.

Isabel is inspired to blur the lines between performer and audience and to create community and social change around social issues. Isabel is currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Disability and Inclusion and is the successful recipient of the Australia Council of the Arts Disability and Mentoring Initiative in 2021.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Necklace is more than a show, it is a shared experience. Its very design draws people into the idea of 'circle' and its relationship to everyone in the room changes the outcomes of the narrative and its shared learnings through participating together.

Previous audience feedback gained from the showing at Anywhere Festival in May 2021 says:

  • To the core, you reached in. You captured the treasures beautifully, thank you.
  • Audiences are hungry to share and to feel empathy and hope, you gave us room to do that. You were brave and splendid and held us in the palm of your hand.

Marketing Materials

Resources available to help sell the show include images and 12 minutes of footage from the Undercover Artist: Online showcase. A press release and interviews with Nothing Happens in Brisbane and Vision Australia Leisure Link.

With the assistance of the Disability Arts and Mentoring Initiative I am revamping my website, electronic press kit which includes promo footage, footage and images from an upcoming work in progress showing (December 2021) and an Inclusion Workshop and Community Development Workshop to complement the show either in person or on line.

Community Engagement

30 min x workshops for primary school-aged children include:

Dr Tape Measure playfully advocates for the rights of people with disabilities and how we compare or "measure" up or down to others through games using the focus on measurements to engage students to talk about their self-identity and how they "measure up"

The Adventurer uses travel and geographical terms to address "What are the qualities of an adventurer?" and "What it takes to go forth / get out of your comfort zone?" Using movement and embodiment games to embrace the qualities of an adventurer in everyday life.

Adult community development workshops (in person or online) can include:

  • Theatre Of The Oppressed workshop
  • Inclusion performance practice framework training
  • Art of Hosting training -Community Development 101 -Community Based Education and Training (the spiral model)
  • Q and A session and tea ceremony after the Necklace performance