Nomad Flamenco plays Spanish Rumba and touches upon the art form of Flamenco. Spanish Rumba became very popular in the era of the Gypsy Kings and keeps on captivating audiences because of its infectious use of rhythm. This vibrant performance uses a variety of instrumentation to give it that extra Contemporary feel. Paul Margolin plays Flamenco guitar, he brings a life time of experience to the table and has played with some of the great in Flamenco Guitar History. Silvana van Dijk on Vocals, cajon, percussion and concertina. Michael Cuming on Bass, Flute, Clarinet and Cajon. This is a compact, high impact performance.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

no critical requirements, flexible set up, minimal set up and pack down time, easy to tour

Culturebank's productions - Visions of a Nomad and ARC Dreaming Aboriginal dance theatre

Mirabooka Dreaming by ARC Dreaming

ARC dreaming involves Aboriginal traditional and Contemporary music and dance combined. This mesmerizing show is a collaboration between Visions of a Nomad and the Australian Aboriginal Nunukul Yuggera dancers from The mid East Coast of Australia.

ARC dreaming has received rave reviews on their tours around the globe and is one of Australia's most impressive export shows and has received standing ovation wherever they perform.

Visions of a Nomad

In 1990, Michael Cuming formed the group " Visions of a Nomad" a new project in search of fusing old and new traditions into a new genre, Michael pioneered the use of the didgeridoo in combination with Classical, Jazz and World music influences and composed a repertoire that took people on a explorative journey around the world, the symphony was designed as a non stop concert with compositions spanning 50 minutes at a time.

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Unique Selling Point

The use of a large variety of instrumentation in combination of the infectious rythm of rumba

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Community Engagement

Exposing audiences to the worldly influences that make up the unique Culture of Australia creates awareness, tolerance and educates the younger generation about the beauty of music in all its forms. This performance captivates and moves people, invoking touching emotions, it also makes people want to dance, the aim of the performance is to engage people and make them feel they are included and encouraged to participate and have fun !