Mother was written for acclaimed actor Noni Hazlehurst as her first one woman show and for long time collaborator and director Matt Scholten by the award winning playwright Daniel Keene.

Mother tells the story of Christie, a homeless woman in a world detached, unforgiving and destructive. The play gives voice to the fallen and dispossessed, to those who exist at the edge of safety, at the point of being undone. It speaks of madness, denial, ignorance and free-falling poverty. Utterly devastating, yet written with Daniel Keene’s characteristic lyricism, Mother is wrought with tenderness, violence and loneliness in equal measure.

Mother won the 2015 Drama Victoria award for Best Performance by a Theatre Company, was nominated for two Helpmann Awards: Best Performance by a Female Actor for Noni Hazlehurst and Best Regional Touring Production and was a finalist in the 2016 APACA Tour of the Year Awards.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Performance contains strong coarse language and adult themes. Not suitable for audiences under 15 years of age. Performance has a pre-set and a lock out policy. No admittance after the performance begins. To accomodate lock out Stage Manager will start the show 5 minutes after advertised time.

In 2016 we toured QLD and played at: Ipswich Civic Centre (sold out) Empire Theatre Toowoomba Lake Kawana Community Centre Sunshine Coast (sold out) Riverway Arts Centre Townsville (sold out) Cairns Centre of Contemporary Art. (2 shows sold out)

We would be delighted to do an encore presentation at these venues, particularly the ones that sold out.

If Theatre is an independent theatre company established by Matt Scholten in 2006 now based in South East Queensland. Since 2008, the company has been dedicated to staging the work of Daniel Keene and has presented twelve of his plays to audiences across the country. In 2013, Boxman toured Victoria and NSW and during 2015-2016, Mother, written for actor Noni Hazlehurst, toured venues in Victoria, Tasmanian, NSW And Queensland.

Matt Scholten, Artsitic Director & Creative Producer

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Unique Selling Point

Mother features an acclaimed performance by Australian acting icon Noni Hazlehurst in her first one woman performance in a role written specifically for her by Daniel Keene. Audiences have flocked to the production due to Noni's high-profile television roles, many patrons who came to see Mother in 2015-16 have told us that have never been to the theatre to see a drama production. Mother has actively contributed to audience development and awakened many people to the power of live storytelling by bringing one of our finest and most loved screen actors live on-stage to a wide theatre audience across the country.

Marketing Materials

Mother has a large array of marketing material: posters, high quality production images, promotional footage, an education pack written by director Matt Scholten (who also lectures in theatre at university level), access to a published play via Currency Press, an interview kit featuring Noni Hazlehurst, a personalised video by Noni for each venue welcoming the audience to the theatre, a package of reviews, information on the play's awards and nominations, audience testimonials and an active social media presence via Noni's personal Facebook page and a Facebook page and Twitter account created specifically for the production.

Community Engagement

We have had an active role in community engagement and offer:

-a Masterclass in acting and directing run by Noni Hazlehurst and Matt Scholten (one hour) targeted at senior secondary school, amateur and community groups and local artists -Open rehearsals in local venues for groups involved in health, education, legal and community activities such as homelessness, housing and domestic violence, senior citizens, children and youth welfare followed by a Q&A -Post show Q&A sessions featuring Noni Hazlehurst and Matt Scholten -Meetings and visits to local, state and federal government agencies when possible to advocate for the arts in your community