Nursery by Sally Chance Dance Age range strictly 4 – 18 months

Enter the Nursery, a safe and special play space where delight is devised moment by moment and where babies and performers together create beauty and a sense of connection.

Presented by two dancers and a musician and developed through extensive research into ways in which babies and their adults tune into one another, Nursery offers an immersive experience of dance and music, carefully designed to invite the babies' investigation of the people, objects, movements sounds and wordscapes within it.

Sally Chance is recognised has Australia's leading performance dance artist making dance & theatre work for the very young. Nursery premiered at Out of the Box Festival at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and has been presented in South Australia, WA and Victoria.

Nursery is her second work dedicated to this audience, the first being This [Baby] Life which was toured to ArtPlay, Out of The Box, Come Out Festival Adelaide Festival Centre, Awesome Festival and Imaginate in Scotland and New Victory in New York This ground breaking and beautiful production explores the moment-by-moment fascination of being a baby.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Nursery can be bumped in 3 hours. It does need a sound system. It does not require specialised theatre lighting but a warm inviting room with good light.

• Minimum performance space required 8m wide x 8m deep • Suitable venues include space allocated within a larger hall with natural light surrounded in curtains or similar, foyer spaces as long as they are reasonably contained, small “black box” theatres, community halls, school halls, cosy children’s spaces such as libraries

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Unique Selling Point

Nursery is an intimate dance theatre experience for babies and their families. For many this will be one of the first experiences the child and their parent have shared been to the theatre together.

Maximum number of audience - 60 “bodies” with an absolute maximum of 20 babies and 20 carers. The audience is integrated into the performance space, which is almost in the round on a circular floor mat, with sections of curved audience mat which velcro onto the performance mat.

Marketing Materials

Stills, Video, Reviews, general media and history of successful touring to venues like Adelaide Festival Centre for the Arts, New Victory Theatre (New York) and Imaginate Festival (Scotland)

Community Engagement

Nursery extends the value of theatre with one of the most important members of our communities - very young children. Nursery continues the extensive research into ways in which babies and their adults tune into one another and is presented especially for babies and parents. The memories shared between children and their parents are significant. The time shared between parents, grandparents and other family members with the very young children is important to our sense of well being.

Sally Chance and the company can also offer workshops for parents and care givers.