Three women cycle for our lives...


Mixing the epic (a planet on the edge of extinction) with the intimate (a couple weighing up whether to have a child), Oil Babies is a high-octane exploration of climate change and the female body.

This all-female narrative repositions our lives as one on the precipice of a planet dramatically changing… perhaps even the moment before our own extinction. It weighs up our continued “hope-investment” in procreation against our feelings of helplessness at the state of our planet – and our role in its demise.

Covering everything from reproductive rights to human extinction, it’s "provocative and searching theatre, smartly designed and performed with an infectious sense of mischief." (The Age)

Written and directed by Petra Kalive (Hungry Ghosts, MTC), Oil Babies blends lyrical, rapid-fire text with poetic imagery and domestic drama to present a dangerous, pithy and at times darkly comedic work that speaks directly to the concerns we hold now.

It has just received its world premiere at Northcote Town Hall in August 2018 to audience and critical acclaim, with one reviewer calling it "Intelligent, gentle, horrific, terrifying: Oil Babies is the hit show this winter."

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Our tech team will provide a comprehensive redrafted design for your individual venue using your existing stock, LX bars and dimensions to A) minimise sightline issues and B) enable a full pre-rig to be undertaken.

This will be completed as soon as practical after contracting, and no later than three weeks prior to arrival.

Lab Kelpie is a theatre company dedicated to the production of new work by Australian playwrights.

Established as a not-for-profit incorporated association with a board of experienced and passionate industry professionals, we actively seek out works that engage audiences by interrogating with intelligence and vigour how relationships, power and politics function in the twenty first century.

As strong advocates of new writing, we support Australian playwrights by commissioning, developing, presenting and touring their work, encouraging our writers to take risks and inspire audiences with the themes and messages they want to explore.

“One of Australia’s most exciting independent theatre companies on the rise.” – Maxim Boon, The Music

Since we began in 2012 we have presented over 211 performances to 14,100 audiences in 63 venues across Australia and New Zealand.

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Unique Selling Point

This is a work made for young and old, and will particularly resonate with female audiences. The representation of three strong female characters and the recognisable situations faced by women in the 21st century will ensure mass appeal across audiences and age groups alike.

Why? Because audiences are hungry for work reflecting their world and their concerns back at them.

For many younger audiences and older women, climate change and the treatment of women's bodies are issues constantly up for discussion - Oil Babies taps into these concerns to leave us both thrilled and terrified by the power in our hands.

Marketing Materials

Following its World Premiere in Melbourne from 8-18 August 2018, we will prepare a comprehensive Presenter Pack and Marketing Toolkit documents for your venue, which will include access to the following marketing material:

  • Hero, production and rehearsal images
  • Social media collateral in all sizes, and advice on usage
  • Promo Video individually branded to your venue
  • Poster and flyer design templates
  • Press releases
  • Reviews with social media pulls
  • Prepared interviews
  • Secondary Education Pack

A script will also be published and available for purchase at each venue.

Community Engagement

Following its World Premiere in Melbourne from 8-18 August 2018, we will prepare a comprehensive Community Engagement and Education Menu for presenters that will present genuine opportunities for your communities to begin conversations around some vital topics like climate change, the treatment of women and female bodies, self-acceptance and identity

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