Dreams of a road less travelled.

One Way is a visceral dance theatre work that brings two worlds together; combining the energetic, rhythmic and intricate nature of hip-hop with the aesthetics of contemporary dance theatre. Drawing from the feelings of life being a ‘one way’ street, the show takes the audience on an atmospheric journey and asks them to consider their own place in society.

The show explodes with raw energy, heightened moments of quiet and comedic scenes of laugh out loud. All of the performers are highly trained in their genres and as an ensemble are exciting to watch yet they all bring an individuality that captivates the audience. One Way is a great night out for a general audience dance and lovers alike.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
5-7 Core Cast Dancers, 3-5 Local Dancers as Support Cast, 1 Tech.

Minimum stage 8mx 8m with Flat, smooth surface. Black scrim or curtain partition 1/3 of the distance upstage from the front or 1/3 of the distance downstage from the back which allows the performers to run around the back of it and be hidden. If the partition is downstage it will also need to be raised and lowered or opened and closed.

Elements Collective are regarded as one of Australia’s leading Hip-hop Dance Companies, over their 6 years they have produced many national and internationally recognized and award winning dancers, performers and teachers and are pushing a unique and new direction for hip-hop dance and theatre in QLD. Elements Collective work closely with organisations and programs around QLD providing workshops, mentorships & facilitation for at-risk and disadvantaged youth, multicultural groups and charity organisations as well as running over 20 public classes a week from their Fortitude Valley studios. They have a strong support network of creative’s highly regarded in their fields who have pushed them to progress, inspire and creative innovative work in the dance & theatre circuit.

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Unique Selling Point

Hip Hop dance is extremely popular with marginalised youth and has been since the late 80's. With the rise of technology hip hop dance has become even more popular and continually pushes the boundaries of youth dance culture. It is important for hip hop to be expressed in other ways than what is presented in it’s commercial form.

Marketing Materials

One Way will have teachers notes and resources that align with the high school dance curriculum. Elements Collective has a wide range of accessories and apparel available for purchase.

COMMUNITY • Workshops available with the cast in Hip-hop, Acrobatics and Break dance. • Meet and Greets • Q & A's with Cast • Guest Judging at local dance events while on tour. • Competition giveaways (Merch Packs etc)

MEDIA • Performer Images • Promo Clip • High Res Tour Poster • Web Banners (social media advertising/promotion)

MERCHANDISE • Tour Posters • Elements Collective Jumpers • Elements Collective Singlets • Elements Collective T-Shirts

Community Engagement

Elements Collective are passionate about delivering the true meaning of hip hop through their educational experiences by using the power of music and dance to engage communities to strive for peace, unity and self expression.

Performing members are able to offer dance experiences for all ages; ranging from hip-hop & breaking, to contemporary dance, show repertoire, spoken word and drama games. These experiences provide an opportunity for community members to up skill or try something new. Professional development workshops specifically designed for Dance teachers or community leaders may also be delivered.

Artist talks can be arranged either as part of a workshop package or post-show Q&A, allowing members of the community to engage with the performers to learn about their artistic practice & investigate the process of hip hop dance theatre.

Dance workshops may also be held in advance of the season to give 3 local performers the chance to learn some of the show repertoire and have the opportunity to perform in two scenes of the show. Giving dancers from regions with limited opportunities a chance to perform and learn in a professional environment whilst providing a unique experience to display their skills to the wider community.