A dynamic fusion of circus and live music created to inspire a love of hybrid live performance across diverse audiences.

Inspired by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, 'Opracus Seasons' is a dynamic and poetic fusion of circus, operatic voice, live music and physical theatre. It is a work that climbs, balances, contorts, twists, strums, sings, flips and soars its way through a beautiful and eclectic medley of opera arias, jazz standards, poetic ballads, passionate love songs and a blend of modern and classical music.

'Opracus Seasons' is an accessible, exquisite demonstration of skill, strength, passion and discipline. With limited spoken word (easily translated into any language) this is a work that has been lovingly created to inspire a love of diverse, live performing arts. It has proven its capacity to thrill and engage all audiences, from all cultures. As testament to this, to date the work has enjoyed standing ovations from all audiences, including Xinbei International Arts Festival (2011), Brisbane Powerhouse Wonderland (2014) and Quilpie Arts Festival (2016).

Highly adaptable in its delivery, 'Opracus - Seasons' can be performed as a large scale, outdoor festival work, as a compact, intimate, community hall performance piece or in a site-specific promenade format . Performance duration ranges from 80 minutes (full show) down to 5 minutes, cabaret format, extracts ( broken down into single acts and/ or 'seasons').

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
B, C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Opracus Seasons is available in a non-aerial format if venue has no rigging capacity - however, we CAN supply a portable free-standing rig or suspend aerial work from a crane or lifter . There is no adult content , nudity or strobe in this work. Bump in can be achieved in one day as long as we have full access to the venue and rigging points are easily accessible (or if we erect our own)

On Brief – On Budget – On Time

Wilde Applause 
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live performing arts experiences. We supply and create shows, acts, installations, consultancy, event coordination, programming services, professional and emerging professional development programs, workshops 
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Wilde Applause prides itself in providing work for Australian artists, producing cross-cultural and collaborative works and developing new audiences and demand for their skills nationally and internationally.

Since its establishment in 2008, by Allie, Wilde Applause has produced a vast body of performance work and programs nationally and internationally. The company produces shows and performance programs to brief and promotes existing works, coordinates tours, programs events and festivals, runs tailored workshop series (schools, universities, corporations, retirement villages) and offers consulting services.

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Unique Selling Point

Opracus Seasons has proven itself to be highly accessible to audiences hailing from a vast range of cultures and walks of life. To date it has enthralled farmers who have never seen a live performance through to elders and pre-schoolers in metropolitan and regional Taiwan and Australia. Responses have been highly positive, with audiences remarking on how they would 'never think to go to the opera or circus, but thoroughly enjoyed this and now would consider doing so!' . We have created this work to be accessible and promote multiple live art forms.

Marketing Materials

Opracus Seasons Marketing Collateral includes:

  • High resolution images
  • Artwork supplied (for flyers, posters and social media marketing)
  • Company, Directors and Artist Bios
  • Re-make of promotional video currently underway
  • Artists and Directors available for interviews and media calls
    • Workshops and artist in residence program options can be arranged in the in lead up to presentation at venue - in the past this has lead to local community groups being incorporated into the actual performances.

Community Engagement

  • An extensive range of workshops, master classes/ professional development and artist in residence program options are available to communities who wish to bring 'Opracus' to their town. These can have no performance out come, or they work specifically toward the incorporation of local community groups and or schools/ students into the performance of 'Opracus Seasons'. Please contact us to discuss options and preferences - we will tailor to your needs.

    • Workshop options include: Physical Theatre, Contemporary Circus, Acting and Performance Creation, Roving Performance, Singing, Music (Guitar & Percussion), Team Development, Professional Development for Drama and Music Teachers.

*Post - Show Artist Talks and Q & A sessions available