A striking new choreography created by Sarah Foster-Sproull, and performed by seven distinct women, ORCHIDS is a powerful, highly physical and image-rich show, drawing on the imagery of the flower that clings to dust and unexplored territories.

With a strong sense of the metaphysical realm, ORCHIDS lures its audience into a journey of self-discovery, challenge and catharsis. Demystifying the complex female spirit, Foster Group brings together a stronghold of NZ’s top creatives - including an original musical score by Queensland-based Eden Mulholland, and design by Andrew Foster, Elizabeth Whiting and Jennifer Lal.

ORCHIDS evokes witches, mothers, sisters, lovers and otherworldly creatures, drawing them out of darkness and into the light.

"... magical, disturbing, challenging and heartbreaking ... ORCHIDS is full of eros, pathos and humour. That it is greater than the sum of its exceptional parts is beyond doubt ... the work leaves many in the audience profoundly affected and openly weeping."

  • The Pantograph Punch

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
B, C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

ORCHIDS has 1x 7-yr-old child performer, Ivy, who is the daughter of the Choreographer. She is comfortable and confident on stage and able to leave school to tour. ORCHIDS contains mature adult themes but is suitable for teenagers - there is no nudity, language etc. Violence is depicted though in an abstract manner but may cause triggers. The entire silk cloth set and costumes pack down into a single suitcase. A crossover is essential for dancers to move quickly and safely from prompt to OP - as is a black smother with a gap in the centre for Ivy's hidden entrance. Fog machine is essential though could be hired in. Pre-rig is essential especially for 1-day bump in. We have existing lighting plans from our premiere season.

Foster Group (established 2015) is a contemporary dance company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Foster Group showcases the independent work of Artistic Director (and Creative NZ’s 2017 Choreographic Fellow), Sarah Foster-Sproull, and is co-facilitated by Creative Assistant and Producer, Natalie Maria Clark.

With Foster Group we make energetic, engaging and visually compelling contemporary dance work, rich with beautiful imagery and physical rigour. In particular, our work showcases strong, unique and diverse female performers and design collaborators.

Foster Group are project funded by Creative New Zealand. We premiered new dance work at Tempo Dance Festival in both 2016 and 2017 to widespread critical acclaim. We engage performers and collaborators on a project basis, selecting whoever is best suited to the work’s vision.

Our company ethos is to uphold integrity and authenticity in both our work itself and our practice - with a specific focus on building community around the company (including both audiences and other practitioners).

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Significantly, ORCHIDS is performed by an inter-generational, all-female cast - ranging from former Limbs dancer Marianne Schultz, still dancing in her 60s, through to 7yr-old Ivy. This show was in development and research for three years, supported by two Creative New Zealand grants, and these investments are evident in the depth quality of the show - exhibiting "the characteristic choreographic clarity and deft personal touch of Foster-Sproull’s earlier work, with the maturity of an entirely female intergenerational cast."

Marketing Materials

We have a huge archive of stunning photographs, an energetic and engaging 40 second trailer and 4x 60second webisode videos featuring interviews with cast and creatives.

Beautiful artistic headshots of the company and designers in rehearsal, and accompanying copy for all collaborators, is available (not "bios" but an engaging insight into the world of the show - though bios are also available).

Several stellar reviews from our 2017 premiere season, which was sold out with standing ovations.

ORCHIDS composer Eden Mulholland is based in Queensland. Dancer Jahra Wasasala has Aboriginal heritage and connections within Australia. Choreographer Sarah Foster-Sproull has connections with Co3 (Perth).

Community Engagement

We are happy to offer masterclasses, post-show forums, etc. in conjunction with our season. We'd love to connect with women's groups e.g. social groups, professional unions or guilds, University groups, young women empowerment groups, etc. Schools performances /matinees are encouraged but the show is highly physical and usually cannot be performed twice in one day (especially with older and younger cast members).