Jodee Mundy discovered all of her family were Deaf when she was five years old after losing her mum in Kmart. Part performance, part lecture, part multi media and live art, this solo performance aims to unpack the concept of ‘disability’ within our society through the eyes of a child. Through this work the position of the child; as interpreter, authority, conduit; becomes the central image.

Using super 8 footage from childhood, excerpts of interviews with her family members, with children of Deaf adults and with selected members of the wider community, Jodee will present her performance in the form of two languages: English and Auslan

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
B, C
Touring Party
2 - 4

Technical details of the project to be confirmed at a later date. It is likely that the following will be required:

Presenter to provide; Operator Stage Manger

Bump In will be 1 – 2 days

Please note Regional Arts Victoria have begun building a tour for 2018

Jodee Mundy Collaborations is an independent creative producing company formed in 2012, in response to the multiple collaborations and partnerships established and continuing to develop with artists, diverse communities, organisations and funders. Artistic Director Jodee Mundy is committed to producing high quality theatre works, public events, installations and artistic interventions, bringing together diverse cross sections of the community who may not regularly encounter one another. Her artistic aim is for audiences to witness works that challenge and inspire them to acknowledge: the value of live performance and communities and the ability of the art to redefine and skew the notions of inclusiveness.

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Unique Selling Point

Auslan is Jodee’s first language and English is her second language. Jodee’s story will delve into her experience of living in two worlds, known within the Deaf community as a ‘CODA’ (Child of Deaf Adult). One world where using sign language is natural, and yet, living in a society that persists on seeing only the family’s disability with voyeuristic curiosity.

Innovatively, Jodee will present her performance in the form of two languages, where she will be simultaneously translating herself in spoken language (English) and sign language (Australian Sign Language).

Marketing Materials

Available resources:

  • Short promotional real
  • images
  • Info Pack containing copy

Community Engagement

As well as the performance, Jodee is available to facilitate workshops with the local community. This could be targeted to culturally and linguistically diverse, people with disabilities, schools. Materials can be sent to (for example) teachers in advance of Jodee's delivery of the workshop