One fine spring morning during 1957, an elongated sausage dog named Lump arrived at the home of Pablo Picasso. He looked into the deep, brown eyes of the artist and decided he was home. Combining puppetry and live performance, 'Picasso and His Dog' is based on a true story of a man and his dog, deep love and the art their friendship inspired.

This work is an inventive mix of live art-making, puppetry and magic realism. It has been made for audiences aged 4+, suitable for both general public, family and schools contexts. First presented by HotHouse Theatre in Albury, NSW and Darebin Arts Centre, Melbourne, 'Picasso and His Dog' is a visually stunning and deeply moving celebration of what it is to create, and to be creative.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party
3 x performers, 1 x tour/production manager

The production requires the blacking out of the performance space. A full drape and masking plot is available upon request.

Lemony S Puppet Theatre is the coming together of two highly skilled theatre makers, Sarah Kriegler and Jacob Williams with collaborations with many of Victoria’s most experienced and sought after artists. Our repertoire includes the critically acclaimed and Green Room Awarded work CAPTIVES OF THE CITY, Green Room nominated APPLES AND LADDERS, THE LICHTENSTEIN NURSING HOME MASSACRE, ONE NIGHT THE DOG, JESUS CRISIS, THE CAUTIONARY TALE OF BARRY VON PEABODY AND THE SCARLET ST THEATRE and award winning FOXY’S HOUSE OF HORRORS. Our latest work PICASSO AND HIS DOG premiered at HotHouse Theatre and Darebin Arts Centre. Based in Melbourne, our works have been seen throughout Australia and across the world. Recent Achievements;

  • June/July 2016, Premiere season ‘Picasso and His Dog’
  • March 2016, Two Green Room Awards ‘Captives of the City’
  • February 2015 ‘Captives of the City’ commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne with CMO
  • September 2015, Rosie Podge; The Alien Who Saved the Day’ commissioned by Theatreworks ,
  • September 2014, Puppetry design and build for ‘April Underhill, Tooth Fairy’ winner of ‘Best Work for Children’ Melbourne Fringe Festival award
  • Inclusion in MTC Women’s Director’s Program
  • September 2013, ‘The Rise and Fall of the Scarlet Street Theatre’ commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne

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Unique Selling Point

'Picasso and His Dog' is a rare shows that appeals across ages. Young children sit riveted while elderly dog-lovers chuckle at dog antics and art-lovers muse on the life of Picasso. It is a unique blend of puppetry, live performance and art-making as Picasso draws, sculpts, makes collage and paints. Described by Lyn Wallis of HotHouse as "a beautifully crafted work for family audiences, carefully walking the line between delighting young people with puppy/puppetry antics, and providing a sophisticated insight into how an artist can be inspired by the animal muse. It is visually beautiful, intelligent, funny and moving."

Marketing Materials

  • show photos
  • promo footage
  • full-length video
  • education pack can be developed

Community Engagement

Lemony S Puppet Theatre are able to provide additional workshops to accompany the performance work. Workshops can be tailored to age and interest of the audience/school groups. They generally include;

  • puppet making based on puppet styles within the work
  • puppetry and performance skills
  • exploration into the art making techniques displayed onstage

We are also able to develop specific Community Engagement projects ranging between 1 - 5 days. Engagement projects can be designed for local children and families or professional artists and would be developed in consultation with Presenters. They are generally built around themes in the work such as; the animal muse in art; creating original performances; puppet building and puppet skills. They can also be tailored to meet specific interests of community groups or presenters.

Please note;

  • Workshops materials will need to be supplied by the presenter.
  • Workshops and Community Engagement are additional to the presenters costs.
  • Workshops can be presented as a foyer activity or as a stand-alone event.
  • Workshops can be tailored to be run by Front-of-House staff with workshop training provided by Lemony S Puppet Theatre.