The story of a woman who loves plastic more than her mum & future husband combined.

Plastica Fantastica is an outlandish award-winning one-woman comedy show performed by Jennifer Laycock. The story of a woman who loves plastic more than her mum & future husband combined, and a dream of become a top-of-the-line Tupperware lady. Life turns into comedic chaos when she finds out she is allergic to the one thing she loves most in the world.? The show is a parody on societies reliance on single use plastics.

Plastica Fantastica has won hearts and giggles across the country in schools, fringe festivals, high care centres, at least two lounge rooms and recently SOLD OUT a second season in Brisbane.

The show is new, fresh and full of life. It's perfect for 14 - 114 year olds.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

The show is easily adaptable to different spaces. The preferable stage size being 4x3m. It requires minimal lighting and access to a sound system. Tech can be completed within 4 hours.

The setting is simple with a desk, chair and a small suitcase filled with props, meaning the show can be taken on tour easily. In the past were able to travel via car or plane.


Who are we?

We are a fresh new take on environmental education. A fun, wacky, interactive theatre collective. We create ridiculous comedy shows for all different ages, roving characters, and workshops to excite and inspire people about environmental conservation. Our work has an agenda but we believe in #nopreachyteachy you can learn through laughter!

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Unique Selling Point

The show is filled with so many 'what just happened moments?! As an audience member I feel refreshed when I see new shows and that is what I strive to create.

Environmental conservation is at the forefront at the moment due to our current climate. Corporations, communities and councils are trying to find new innovative ways on how they can teach, promote and encourage environmental conservation. PLASTICA FANTASTICA does this., created in a way which is not preachy, using comedy and silliness to convey the message. People don't like being told what to do, but they do love to laugh.

Marketing Materials

Marketing Resources -Relevant content: Environmental Conservation -Eye Catching Posters -Professional Promotional Images -Instagram account, bright eye catching content -Short Promo concept film -Curriculum links for schools -Awards -Good Reviews -Environmental funding opportunities -There is a solid 10 minute version of the show which can be performed at cabaret or variety nights to help promote the show.

Community Engagement

The show is built on the basis of helping community. That being making people laugh & inspiring them to make change at the same time.

We provide workshops to engage with the community and as an added learning resource with the show. Our plastic free workshops include: How to make Plastic Free cleaning supplies, Make your own paper bin liners, Plastic free recipes and Make your own produce bags.

If performing at a theatre. The show can also be adapted to visit local retirement villages, high care centres, and schools.

We hope that we can positively influence the community and inspire & help people reduce their plastic waste. And in turn it will spark conversations with the wider community- workplaces, schools, councils, homes etc.