Celebrate the ways we can feel powerful - even in an uncertain world. Circus-theatre that is uplifting, funny, and beautifully moving.

POWER is a solo circus-theatre work, celebrating the ways we can feel powerful, even in an uncertain world. Combining circus physicality, voice-over soundtrack and verbal storytelling, POWER is optimistic, uplifting, funny, physical and moving. It is created for theatres, but is easily adaptable for regional/rural touring venues and outdoor spaces.

POWER was born from interviews I recorded with real people, about their experiences of feeling strong or powerful. These people’s stories are the heart of the work. They intersect with the autobiography of a Strong Lady: who tries to feel powerful by controlling everything and striving to be invincible - finally seeing the power in accepting the mess of uncertainty and finding strength in places where we wobble.

POWER celebrates the power we have, to choose the next step through the mess - trading invincibility for resilience. My aim is that audiences leave the show energised and hopeful, thinking about what story of power they would have told if I had interviewed them - or better yet, to start telling it.

There are a range of options to create bespoke creative engagement offers alongside this show, projects that guide participants to identify, craft and share their own stories of strength and power.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The show is designed for theatres, but if COVID is still an issue, it can be presented in uncoventional spaces & outdoors.

Minimum space requirement 4m deep x 7m wide x 4m height clearance

I am a circus Strong Lady. For almost 20 years I have toured internationally with my solo show Strong Lady (and in ensemble shows) primarily to outdoor arts festivals and variety theatres. From September 2020 my new circus-theatre show POWER is available for theatre touring.

For outdoor arts festival touring, I can offer my existing solo show, Strong Lady. In 2021 I will also premiere a new outdoor show, Strong Enough. I also offer event speaking/MCing and have a strong focus on creative engagement projects, available alongside my performances. I am especially interested in longer duration participatory projects.

Originally from QLD, I have been living in the UK since 2008. My work has primarily toured in the UK and Europe, extending to include: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia, and USA. I am planning to return to live in QLD (Sunshine Coast) from mid 2021.

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Unique Selling Point

This show is built around interviews with real people, who were asked the question: "can you tell me about a time when you felt really powerful?". The storytelling weaves between their voices from recorded interviews, verbal storytelling and physical storytelling through circus physicality. The stories were less about triumph than I had expected: more about resilience than invincibility.

The creative engagement projects that can run with the show expand on this, inviting people to identify and share their own stories of power.

This show was developed with commissions/funding in the UK, with collaborators including: Complicite, Ockham's Razor & Spy Monkey.

Marketing Materials

marketing collateral: marketing copy, print material templates, digital assets, images, promo footage, Media Release

Social media project where audiences are invited to contribute photos of themselves in POWER POSES that will be shared on platforms and displayed in Foyer.

Workshops & creative engagement projects

Schools Pack

Community Engagement

I have a creative engagement project, available alongside touring POWER. Participants are supported in identifying & sharing stories of strength or power in their own lives. I have discovered that most people are hesitant to name themselves as being strong or powerful, but that when they do, they shine. The project is very adaptable - the concept, however, is wonderfully simple:

I invite people to tell a story of an experience in their lives where they see themselves as strong and powerful. I support them in engaging creatively with their story and having that story heard.

The project will be designed bespoke for you - the method of delivery, timescale & the public outcomes are hugely adaptable. Possibilities include: workshops (zoom or live) where people are supported in identifying and crafting their stories, recording them as audio files, then adding them to an online gallery with photos of participants in ’power poses’. For non-digital, socially distanced situations, there is a letter writing exchange option. The aim is that people will reframe themselves as powerful in their own perception and support deeper connection with others in their community through the sharing of the stories.