This is music you can see and feel. Beyond listening to music, it's a whole new level of experience!

Featuring the astounding talent of the world renown 'Roctopus' of drumming - Grant Collins tames, pacifies, and drives his unique $75,000 bad boy of a drum kit as its rumbles, beats, booms, cracks, and hisses in dialogue with a collective of powerful, articulate bodies that morph, surge, erupt, whirl, oscillate and gather momentum to animate a transfixing landscape of shifting energies reflective of familiar natural patterns that speak to the core of our primal being.

"... there was something so invigorating about the combination of music, rhythm, and movement. The energy and vibration tapped deep into my senses and sent shivers down my spine." - Audience Feeback from creative development.

"The urge to move and be moved becomes unstoppable. It's an indescribable feeling - it's like a sort of elixir for living." - Audience Feedback from creative development.

Whether you're into music, into dance, or just looking for something to feel re-energised and inspired, this uplifting live performance experience is a fantastic way to feel part of life’s grandeur.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
B, C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
Variable - depending on the package chosen - Varies between 7-14.

Touring costs will vary depending on the package chosen. The weekly fee included is for the full scale production package. Cheaper options for production packages of a smaller scale that require a smaller touring party would be available.

Prying Eye activities have constructive long-lasting impact. Led by the powerhouse partnership of Lizzie and Zaimon Vilmanis who have 20+ years of global arts experience spanning performing, choreographing, directing, teaching, and producing, their engaging and powerful dance experiences use the animated articulation of the human body to communicate beyond what words can convey. Working collaboratively with acclaimed Queensland artists to extend creative capacity they enjoy curiously exploring human behaviours and find intriguing inspiration in both the common and uncommon interactions of people in the world in which we live.

Prying Eye works have featured in event programmes for Cinedans (Nederlands), Choreoscope (Spain), NagiB Contemporary Dance Festival (Slovenia), Brisbane Festival, Curious Arts Festival (Toowoomba), Supercell Dance Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, and Noosa Long Weekend Festival. Their services have been engaged across the globe for the likes of Random Dance Company (UK), Attik Dance (UK), Ballet West (USA), de! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse Dans (BE), Dancenorth, Australasian Dance Collective, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Leigh Warren and Dancers, and The Queensland Ballet. Prying Eye have also been the recipients of many competitive grants and residencies and were awarded funds from Tim Fairfax Family Foundation/Sidney Myer Fund in recognition of their capacity building achievements and potential.

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Unique Selling Point

Grant Collins is one of the best drummers in the world. He can play solo, what sounds like 3-4 people.

Grant has Australia’s biggest drum kit setup – providing a draw card that is a spectacle to see in and of itself.

The performers have danced with world class dance companies and featured in music film clips for popular artists (e.g. Katie Noonan, Sheppard, Edge of Colour).

Drumming provides a familiar musical component for audiences to connect to attracting new audiences to dance.

Resonating with rhythms and patterns inherent within us and the world we live in, it naturally captivates human interest.

Marketing Materials

Prying Eye will create a comprehensive marketing kit that includes; high quality images, marketing copy, adaptable print-ready posters, promo video clip, e-flyers and digital assets for use in EDMs.

Schools/institutions/community groups will be granted access to platforms and activities to integrate with their curriculum or mission that inspire students/participants to learn and expand creative capacity. It is intended that opportunities to engage online are included that can assist in increasing access and reducing touring and engagement timeframes and associated costs.

Community Engagement

Scalable performance options and an extensive and diverse range of engagement opportunities will enable presenters to tailor events to suit a range of different needs and conditions. Presenters will be able to select options to gradually build presentation capacity, reducing risk in presenting new product. Communities will be able to engage with the product over time, extending venue capacity to engage with different demographics and diversify programming. Increasing access to cost effective, inclusive, and entertaining experiences that engage people in creative and active pursuits will help build and sustain vibrant, connected, and healthy communities.

Refer to Notes to Submission document.