A talented young boxer, Isa, is preparing for the biggest fight of his career. On the line is the national title and the promise of fame and riches beyond his wildest dreams. What unfolds is a modern-day fable of a Congolese boy orphaned by war and forced to become a child soldier by the very people who killed his family. His powerful left hook offers a new life in Australia, but his greatest obstacle is not his opponent – it’s his past. A La Boite Theatre Company and Brisbane Festival Production

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The show contains simulated violence and boxing. It contains adult themes based around war. It is appropriate for youth 13 yrs and above.

The set dimensions are 4500mm deep and 4500mm wide. The main set component consists of a raised rostra platform (400mm h) covered in impact rubber tiles and a white floor canvas. The playing area extends an additional 1500mm beyond the raised platform which also has a 10mm perimeter of impact rubber tiles. A Boxing bag is suspended Down Stage Prompt, and a climbable cargo net is suspended up stage Opposite Prompt and has a raised platform dressed with car tyres at its base. A Series of flats are suspended above the raised platform and are used as projection screens. Please see attached plan for details.

La Boite's mission is to produce and present exhilarating theatre that is alive to the present, extends and inspires artists, and invigorates the hearts and minds of audiences. La Boite is one of Australia's leading theatre companies. La Boite's mainhouse seasons look to new Australian work, fresh international theatre, great texts of the past, and to collaborations with diverse artists and organisations from across the nation and beyond. We aim to converse with the times - to unwrap the past and scrutinise the present as a means of expressing our aspirations for the future. We include work for children and young people and regularly present works regionally and nationally.

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Unique Selling Point

Combining live boxing with the powerful tale of one boys rise to the ranks of Prize Fighter. This show is unique for its story but also the actors that we have drawn together to present the work. Apart for one all from African or Afro-American/Caribbean backgrounds. The level of athleticism and performance presented on stage is something unique and create a totally memorable experience. The play is great for bringing in new audiences but also is an accessible tale that all can relate to.

Marketing Materials

There are a huge range of marketing materials available for the production which have been developed by La Boite and it's media partners

  • Trailer (30 Sec cinema and online-ready trailer)
  • Exceptional print-quality Production and Rehearsal images
  • Poster, flyer and print advertisements
  • Social media posts and campaign material
  • Media release with existing review quotes.

Community Engagement

Opportunities such as Post-Show Q&A with actors, workshops, writing workshops with Future D. Fidel