Quartet is a show which displays Taikoz's trademark high-energy performance in a more scaleable and flexible format ideal for smaller venues and touring. Featuring all the unique drama, vibrancy and musicality that Taikoz is famous for, Taikoz Quartet! delves deeply into the roots of the taiko drum, but with a contemporary twist. Premiered in Sydney at the Darling Quarter Theatre in May 2017 to a full house this 70min work comprising of 4 performers and a multitude of drums as well as the Shinobue (Japanese flute) takes the audience on a thrilling musical journey in a more intimate setting.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

This show is suitable for 7 years and up. It is flexible and scalable to suit production and venue. Requires a 3 tone truck and a sedan to travel cast and crew.

Taikoz has developed an international reputation for vibrant performances that couple explosive energy and extreme dynamism with refinement and grace. From the most delicate melodies of the shakuhachi to the thunderous impact of the odaiko, Taikoz is at once meditative, free-spirited, primal and dramatic.

We perform on the stages of Australia's and the worlds finest concert halls and the group regularly appears in the theatres of regional Australia, having undertaken six Australia-wide tours. Taikoz has composed over thirty original works for wadaiko including several in combination with instruments such as shakuhachi, koto, marimba, saxophone, cello, drum set and didgeridoo. Distinguished composers Gerard Brophy, Andrea Molino, Michael Askill, David Pye, Graeme Koehne, Ian Cleworth, Sandy Evans and Timothy Constable have also written works for the ensemble.

Taikoz has collaborated with many including: Bell Shakespeare, taiko greats Eitetsu Hayashi, Kenny Endo and Kaoru Watanabe, Kodo on a nation-wide tour of Australia in 2012, choreographers Meryl Tankard and Anandavalli. The group has also appeared in concerto works with the Sydney, Melbourne, West Australian and Queensland Symphony Orchestras, as well as the Dresden Sinfoniker in Europe. Awards include Limelight Best New Composition Award, Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award, and a Drover Award for regional touring.

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Unique Selling Point

Taikoz and their performances are unique not only in Australia but across the world. Taikoz predominantly performs original Australian music using the wadaiko instrument set as their orchestra. Although we pay homage to the past we also take inspiration from contemporary western art music and do not perform folkloric music. Quartet features works by Ian Cleworth, Tom Royce- Hampton, Ryuji Hamada and Kerryn Joyce all current members of Taikoz. The music is contemporary, refined and pulsating. Of course the physical element of Taiko playing is also a key aspect of what makes a Taikoz performance very special to experience.

Marketing Materials

We can supply video - Highlights reel, full show and would be happy to cut a broadcast ready 30sec TVC. We have strong images for PR and Marketing, marketing copy is ready to go and will support any presenters with our own internal marketing to our subscribers (just under 7000 addresses). We will make our artists available for PR interviews as required.

In addition to performing the show we can also run workshops for the community or in schools whilst touring (small extra fee and some extra freight required).

Community Engagement

We always try and ensure engagement with the local community through community / school workshops, mini performances in schools etc. Community engagement is a large part of our focus and we are experienced at providing workshops and school shows whilst touring. We provide weekly classes for the community to learn Taiko in Sydney as well as undertake extensive school touring through the "Musica Viva in Schools" program and our own program. Attendees of one of our taiko workshops often talk of elation and letting go and feeling settled after the class. Playing taiko, is a whole body, music and communal experience. People need to work together to ensure a steady beat. Simple Japanese phrases are also taught as part of understanding the different beats at the workshop. Regional touring allows us to provide this unique experience to communities around Australia and we are very lucky to share this experience.