Enter a world of imagination, where light, sound and colour erupt from the darkness in this kaleidoscopic, mind-blowing interactive show.

Enter a space of tangled imagination, where light and sound collide in a familiar yet distant world. Creatures from afar morph within the shadows to navigate an ever-changing landscape of bewilderment and wonder. Synaesthesia envelopes the mind as rhythm becomes vision, voice shapes movement and light warps sound. Welcome to the world of Rainbow Vomit, a place where anything is possible, everything can happen, and much more than colour erupts from the darkness...

Rainbow Vomit (redux) is an immersive work designed to target young audiences, whilst maintaining appeal for kids of all ages. Audience members are invited to watch the performance through their own pair of ‘fireworks glasses’, which refracts light into all colours of the spectrum, generating thousands of rainbows.

"..the diversity of sensory input and cleverness in melding elements of dance and theatre that this performance provides is eidetic and sensational, and is guaranteed to be a hit for all who take the trip to see it." ARTS HUB

"This show is a rare achievement, a resonant sensory journey into our inner, earlier, less convoluted childhood state." REALTIME

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
A, B, C
Touring Party
8 = 5 dancers, 1 creative, 1 technician, 1 Tour/Production/Stage Manager

Feedback from previous tours has indicated that some Presenters find the production's title of RAINBOW VOMIT can be challenging to market. Dancenorth is open to changing the name in collaboration with Presenters. Rainbow Vomit (redux) will maintain all of the magic from the original production of Rainbow Vomit (2016/2017), with a reduction in the demand for personnel, crewing and infrastructure expenses from the Presenter.

Centred on an inclusive ethos of shared ownership, collective conscience, support, interconnection and empowerment, Dancenorth’s artistic philosophy provides a fertile framework which galvanises the company’s creative and administrative endeavours.

Deeply connected to place, to the vastness of the sky, the richness of the land and the saline breath of the ocean, we embrace our regional home base in Townsville as a source of inspiration and creative energy. We respond to isolation as enabling, enriching and facilitating a way of making that is responsive to these people in this place at this time.

Integration of body and mind, exploration, radical ambition and inclusivity anchor a suite of both internal and external artistic practices. We practice this artistic philosophy daily by incorporating mind/ body techniques into our work that are designed to support the use of a full range of mental, emotional and sensorial processes in dance creation. The aim is to nurture technical virtuosity, intellectual rigour and emotional presence in equal measure.

Dancenorth was founded on the ancestral lands of the Wulgurukaba of Gurambilbarra and Yunbenun. We acknowledge the fact that Aboriginal People are Australia’s first dancers.

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Unique Selling Point

Rainbow Vomit (redux) will instantly immerse you in a tangled world of light, sound and movement, and deliver a mind bending hour of entertainment. This visually stunning show delivers an interactive, eye-popping performance that will engage young people, impress adults and delight the entire family.

The audience is invited to watch the performance through their own pair of kaleidoscopic fireworks glasses. Made using holographic diffraction film, they refract light into all colours of the spectrum, generating a myriad rainbows.

Following the performance, audiences will be welcomed further into the technicolour world to explore, dance and play with the performers onstage.

Marketing Materials

Dancenorth can provide presenters a comprehensive, updated marketing kit, including; high quality images, marketing copy, adaptable print-ready posters, promo video clip, e-flyers and a full suite of digital assets for use in EDMs. Dancenorth will collaborate directly with each presenter, to create a robust and relevant evaluation/survey tool, and will administer the data collection, assembly and reporting on their behalf and at no extra cost. This revised 'redux' version of the 2016 and 2017 Rainbow Vomit production will employ a keen focus on deep engagement of regional communities, whilst also reducing the infrastructure and crewing expenses to the presenter.

Community Engagement

Dancenorth will provide a range of dynamic education resources for teachers at both primary and high school levels, which can be adapted for teaching areas ranging from PE and Dance, Visual and Performing Arts, to Science and beyond. Additionally, Dancenorth's Community Experience team can supply longitudinal engagement strategies and resources to deeply engage local communities before, during and after the production presentation. Dancenorth’s Community Experience team members and Ensemble may also be available to lead in-person/in-school movement classes and creative sessions with student groups, dependant on timing, resources and location. Rainbow Vomit (redux) is a relaxed and adaptive performance, making it highly suitable for all abilities and ages. A soft performance is available.