Terrapin reimagines everyone’s favourite characters from the famous fairytale into the small town of Grinalong. When the new mayor announces the return of the local motor race, the Grinalong Classic, the whole town is excited. But the race will go through Tangled Woods, where a giant wolf is rumoured to live. With everything she knows and loves at stake, Red must convince her mechanically savvy Gran to let her compete and overcome her own fears in the process.

The story is inventively brought to life using slot car racing, with cameras situated around the circuit magnifying the action live onscreen, putting the audience in the driving seat as they follow Red on her adventure. Featuring wonderful performances, a high-energy soundtrack and the puppetry that has made Terrapin famous locally, nationally and internationally, Red Racing Hood is not to be missed.

Catch it before it races away!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Audiences will love it.

Established for over 34 years, Terrapin is the centre of excellence for contemporary puppetry in Australia creating puppetry-based performances for all ages.

Telling sophisticated stories of humour and pathos, the company embraces new technologies whilst remaining true to the wonder and illusion resident in the age-old craft of puppetry. In its productions, the company aims to inspire families by encouraging them to express the power of their collective imagination through inventive play with the objects and devices that surround them.

Terrapin injects skills and programs into the Tasmanian community, supporting and developing artists and touring nationally and internationally.

In 2012, Terrapin’s production Boats won the Helpmann Award for Best Presentation for Children.

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Unique Selling Point

Red Racing Hood takes the familiar characters from the famous fairy tale and places them into a contemporary story and setting. The set is a slot racing car track and model cars are operated on the track during the show.

Marketing Materials

Video and highlights reel, media kit, media release, production shots, TV ad, teacher's notes all available.

Community Engagement

This is a work that uses a popular hobby - slot car racing - in a theatrical setting. In making the show, Terrapin’s Artistic Director worked closely with a model car club and the members were stunned at how the track could be transformed into a storytelling vehicle.

The show provides a bridge to a section of the community that may not necessarily engage with theatre on a regular basis. During the Hobart season, we observed more men than usual bringing their children to the theatre.

We have developed some preliminary ideas about how the public may be able to further engage with the work such as interactive activities centred around slot car racing. We would be happy to talk to interested presenters about their particular requirements and tailor activities to suit.