Unique and memorable experiences that will make you laugh out loud and connect directly to the heart.

This is an opportunity to work with Clint Bolster, who's approach is underpinned by the assumption that everyone has something to offer and that laughter is a unique and powerful engager.

LAUGHTER connects directly to the heart...it celebrates the joy of human interaction - and the incredible power of how a simple act of kindness, and authentic connection, can transform a person's life - developing and strengthening inherent resilience. LAUGHTER conceals, gives permission to play, allows expression, liberates and reveals; and instills a sense of joy, vulnerability, physical discipline and freedom of expression in the participant. The opportunity to play, express, be physical, relate and discover in real time and space is a vital life skill.

These specifically tailored programs can culminate in:

  • 2 Hour Workshop
  • 1 Day Workshop
  • 3 Day Residence culminating in performance
  • 1 Week Residence culminating in performance
  • 2 Week Residence culminating in performance
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Community Activations
  • Festival and Events culminating in Street Theatre Performance

We strongly believe access to live performing artists contributes greatly to social-emotional skills development; It builds resilience, compassion, understanding of diversity, empathy, focus, problem-solving and communication skills, a sense of community and well-being.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party

All Workshops and Artist In Residence Programs are incursions and are completely flexible.

CLINT BOLSTER is a Clown, Physical Actor, Mask Theatre Specialist, Stilt Performer & Trainer and Teaching Artist from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. With over 18 years' committed to developing new works and training extensively, Clint regularly performs in Australia and internationally in the United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

Clint's repertoire of original performance works of Homunculus Theatre Company (In Schools Programs) - www.homunculustheatre.com.au, Manoeuvre (Roving Stilt Acts) -www.manoeuvrestiltperformers.com, The Mask Family (Highly Visual and Interactive Roving Mask Theatre Acts) - www.themaskfamily.com and HIGH TEA with BOOFF (a regal, mischief-loving high-status impresario clown) - www.booffandhisbells.com; are highly active throughout Australia, New Zealand & Asia, and have extensive annual programming in regional Australia, particularly in the community, cultural and education sectors.

He was recently accepted into the Cirque Du Soleil and Slava Snow Show databases of potential Clowns for future productions and is a proud Queensland Member and Mentor for The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, and Board Member for Indel-Ability Arts.

He has developed an incredibly reliable and robust local and international network. His unique and innovative creations are represented by over 70 international production houses and arts agencies worldwide and have amassed a live global audience in the millions.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Clint is a highly experienced Teaching Artist of 18 years, leading many workshops and artist in residency programs throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia & Europe for Young People, University Students, Adults and Elders. Companies Include - to name a few...

  • Homunculus Theatre (AUS)
  • Shakespeare4All (Hong Kong)
  • Faust Theatre Company (Hong Kong)
  • Vamos Theatre Company (UK)
  • Queensland Theatre Company (AUS)
  • LaBoite Theatre Company (AUS)
  • University of Southern Queensland (AUS)
  • Queensland University of Technology (AUS)
  • Pontio University, Wales (UK)
  • Griffith University (AUS)
  • The Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts (AUS)
  • Drama Queensland (AUS)
  • Drama Victoria (AUS)
  • Drama Tasmania (AUS)
  • Drama Australia (AUS)
  • 500 + Primary & Secondary Schools (AUS).

Marketing Materials

A comprehensive marketing package is available on request, it includes:

  • Promotional Images - High & Low Res
  • Workshop content
  • Tailored Social Media Campaigns
  • Teacher Resource Kits available for primary & secondary teachers
  • A legacy building framework between artist and community - promoting healthy communities

Community Engagement

These specifically designed series of Workshops and Artist in Residence programs are focussed on community - to empower, strengthen and enlighten. All programs can culminate in either a rehearsed showing/presentation or polished performance within a school, festival, event or online.