Circus for grown ups

Rouge is a decadent blend of sensational acrobatics, operatic cabaret and tongue in cheek burlesque. This is a non-stop celebration of the astonishing, the surprising and the downright sexy, Rouge is circus for grown ups.

5 stars “The performance is so high energy, so passionate and executed with such abandon that it can't help but leave you feeling elated and empowered... If you aren't turned on by this you might want to consult a physician, because you're probably clinically dead” -

4.5 stars "Welcome to a circus for the new age. Welcome to Rouge... For fans of astounding performances with the kink and glamour of modern cabaret this is your show. Brilliant performances covered with rhythm and attitude and a certain aura permeates the venue that embodies the phrase, 'Filthy and Gorgeous'." - Weekend Notes 2018

Rouge is variety mash up of circus, cabaret and dance artists who work as an ensemble throughout the piece to entertain, excite and surprise the audience. The performance is edgy and adult, definitely has a 16 or 18+ rating (depending on the sensibilities of your audience). However the show is also irreverant, and at times political, leaving the audience with an experience that is uplifting, exciting, inspiring and thrilling.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Performances contain adult content (sexual references, partial nudity) and suggested restricted to 16+ or 18+ depending on your audience sensibilities (marketing as 18+ is usually a positive marketing strategy).

The show can be performed with or without the aerial component without affecting the run time. The standard performance includes aerial which can be substituted for a ground based act if rigging is not possible in a venue. The show tours with a certified rigger.

Highwire Events and Entertainment since 2006 has been creating work that is playful and exciting, bringing a sense of wonder and irreverence to the traditional theatre spaces and non- traditional venues through contemporary physical theatre, circus arts and theatre for children. Highwire offers unique, joyful shows, a presentation of the unexpected. Highwire has produced professional, award winning shows for eight years, touring work around Australia and overseas. Working mostly in the festivals market Highwire has begun touring work regionally around Australia only in the last few years, which has included Papillon (VIC, ACT, TAS, SA), Dinosaur Time Machine (QLD Schools, regional VIC, ACT, SA) and Rouge (QLD, VIC, SA).

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Unique Selling Point

A circus cabaret that presents an exciting and challenging evening of entertainment. Designed with acts that range from edge-of-your-seat spectacular acrobatics, beautiful breathtaking moments of circus and opera, and hilarious dance and burlesque.

Rouge challenges concepts of gender and sexuality, but it does it in a way that won't make your audience feel threatened. The show is not marketed around this, and this show has been well received even by quite conservative audiences. What is truly groundbreaking is the way that it challenges a mainstream audience without threatening them, and leaves them more open minded at the end of it.

Marketing Materials

Rouge has spectacular marketing collateral that will sell the show. It is a show that sells! In Adelaide 2018 Rouge was the third highest selling show (out of 1200+ shows), and every season so far the presenter has added seats or added shows.

The show comes with poster, flyer, billboard and online collateral, as well as high resolution studio and show photos, and TVC and online videos. We have extensive images and video to customise promotional material.

The performers are confident at speaking with the media, and have undertaken numerous interviews and q&a's and will for any event.

Community Engagement

Rouge can offer women's only workshops in dance or circus. The show is empowering and positive for women, and a workshop specifically for women in the community will build confidence and positivity. The show has a strong LGBTI connection, if there is a queer community group then we can also run a workshop specifically. Rouge can also offer general workshops or master classes in circus, dancing, acting, singing. This is a nice tie in if there are already circus, music, gymnastics or hip hop dance groups in the community.

We are sometimes able to send out an artist in the lead up to the season to conduct these workshops in advance to help build anticipation and interest (additional costs may apply).

For venues with existing connections with local dance/youth groups, we have a routine in the show which can be taught by the local groups' teacher. This can then be videoed and posted online or performed in the foyer pre/post show to build community interest.

A Q&A can be offered before or after the show, and the cast always come out for photos with the audience after the show, which helps to create social media buzz.