Rusalka explores the enduring myth of the mermaid, telling the story of her eternal mystique and many guises with legends from around the world. Rusalka aims to traverse the expanse of global mermaid folklore, as expressed through circus, music and dance, to discover why the mermaid continues to make waves through the seas of the imagination.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party
9-8 cast 1 crew

would prefer venues with capacity for naked flame (fire acts), live load rigging (aerial circus acts) show contains nudity (burlesque acts) microphones required

Cirque Nocturne is a circus company that excels is producing high quality, themed shows for both commercial and corporate events, as well as productions with high artistic merit and narrative for festivals.

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Cirque Nocturne debuted its first production with its self-titled show at the 2016 Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival, where it received general acclaim and 4 star reviews.

Cirque Nocturne productions utilise the best performers in South Australia from a variety of circus, dance and variety genres, including aerialists, jugglers, contortionists, belly dancers, fire spinners, burlesque dancers and more

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Unique Selling Point

Rusalka uses storytelling interspersed with cabaret acts to tell global legends of mermaids. This combination gives the audience a unique perspective on the personas of the enigmatic mermaid- from siren seductress to nurturing mother of the oceans to souls lost at sea, Rusalka gives a incomparable insight into why the mermaid had held sway over humanitie's imagination for centuries.

Marketing Materials

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Community Engagement

we can offer workshops in line with our cast members skill sets-these may include dance, circus arts, burlesque and more