The troubled souls of four Australian men who have attempted suicide and failed are now stuck in a sub layer of the afterlife and for some reason they haven’t been sent back to their lives. Surrounded by endless silence and with the Gods not offering any solutions they come to realize that the answer to why nothing is happening, or rather the key to their way home may lay somewhere in this room, but where? The only thing they have in here is one worn out bench and each other.

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Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
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The play contains themes that may disturb some people due to the topic of Suicide . However we have found that people who have had experiences with Suicide gain a huge amount from the play and feel it is a very worthy tool in the fight against Suicide.

The Wolves is a NFP theatre company that produces outstanding and original plays. We currently produce the plays of playwright Michael Griffith whose work is powerful and often deals with subject matters that many wont look at. We are predominantly a mature group and often tackle subjects that are geared towards our demographic. In the last 18 months we have produced 3 of Michael's plays and are about to have a run of his new thriller When Icebergs Burn. At the end of the year we are looking to produce his comedy The Seagull King and early next year a premiere of his musical Magpie. We are hoping to get his plays on all over Australia. Some of his early plays have been staged at La Mama theatre, Chapel off Chapel and overseas including the Edinburgh Festival. We believe his plays to be quite ground breaking and so far audiences are speaking very highly of his work.

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Unique Selling Point

Even though it tackles our greatest and bleakest tragedy it is life affirming and full of hope. It encourages people to choose life.

Another positive is the set. Just four chairs and one light that acts as God.

The family and I went along to this show last night and I can tell you it created discussion in the car....It's not any easy subject matter to watch, but it was performed brilliantly. For men my age, it's a wake up call not to be so hard on yourself...great work team and will look forward to the next play. -Frank Damiani

Marketing Materials

3/4 page article from AGE Newspaper 15 audio documentary Life Matters Radio National. Powerful video adds for facebook and Instagram Great mail out our for mass email A great review Long list of glowing endorsements form Audience members Brilliant publicity shots from play Video footage of play

Community Engagement

what we can do is bring the play to people and unusual places. Groups or businesses who may have suffered loss through self harm. Local support groups and charities could be involved for the play promotes deep discussion