Single Asian Female (SAF), which was commissioned and developed by La Boite in 2016, is an incisive new comedy that tackles race and gender issues in contemporary Australia, from Brisbane-based award winning writer Michelle Law.

Set in a suburban Chinese restaurant on the Sunshine Coast this hilarious play explores what it means to be an Asian woman living in Australia. For Pearl, a Chinese migrant operating a restaurant, it means sacrifice and struggling to connect with her very westernised children. For Zoe, the eldest child, it means approaching a crossroads in her life where she’s forced to choose between a career and a family. For Mei, the youngest child, it means being bullied at school and grappling with the desire to assimilate versus cultivating a unique identity.

Two sisters at odds with each other and a mother harboring a secret that threatens to tear her family apart, this is Australian domesticity like you’ve never seen it before.

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La Boite is a story of people, passion, purpose and place. We hold a unique place in the hearts and minds of artists and audiences in Brisbane. For the past nine decades La Boite has represented the adventurous and alternative. There has always been a strong focus on the development of new work and artists, and today it is no different.

The stories, ideas and voices of our city and country are many and varied and as such La Boite seeks to represent and engage in this beautiful and rich diversity; the diversity of form, of ideas, ethnicity, gender – of identity.

Theatre has the capacity to embrace difference in so many ways. At La Boite, we push the boundaries of form by collaborating with some extraordinary partners to stretch the boundaries of theatre practice in Australia.

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Unique Selling Point

Single Asian Female is a widely accesible, digestable work that’ll appeal to a very broad audience. The form, best described as contemporary realism, and content are suitable for most ages. Venues and organisations with culturally diverse audiences would be the ideal touring partners.

The work can be adapted to most venue sizes and staging configurations, but thrust and end-on stages are best for the production. Marketing & Communications assistance, and basic tech support and staffing will be required from each venue.

Marketing Materials

A large pack of marketing materials and additional resources are available for venues and can be modified by La Boite to suit venue needs. These include:

  • Posters
  • Trailer and other promotional videos
  • Extensive collection of rehearsal and production images
  • Flyers
  • Print advertising
  • Published play
  • Education Resources

Community Engagement

Single Asian Female was programmed during the BrisAsia Festival, and as such was surrounded by a range of programming from and for the local Asian/Australian community. The work has specific appeal to Asian/Australian audiences, but is also a work which speaks to a range of immigrant family experiences, and the broader experience of being women, daughters, mothers, and sisters in this country.

Community engagement activities with culturally specified groups, women’s groups (for the 2017 season we worked with Hot Chicks with Big Brains, on online platform for feminist voices), and bookshops are all possible. La Boite staff will work with presenters to identify potential community engagement activities.