SMACK is a clown based fantasy play that traces the mindset and behavior central to domestic violence. Drawing on the work of world renowned sociologist Lundy Bancroft and psychologist Jill Murray SMACK details the warning signs and stages of controlling and abusive relationships embedded within a cracked fairy-tale world of random and randy princes, princesses, broken fairies, elf-ponies and talking truffle pigs. Four clowns enact the often ridiculous, hilarious and whimsical story of Princess Amy and her search for true romance. Along the way Amy meets Prince Chumpdick, a bumbling and not so successful graduate of SMACK, the Secret Men's Alliance of Controllers and Killers. Amy overlooks all the warning signs and marries the man she calls 'Charming', only to find herself locked in a fairy tale castle of escalating horrors. Only the intervention of a talking pig and a swineherd mistakenly named after an angel does Amy make her way to safety. SMACK performed as a part of the Domestic Violence Action centre Production of "Not Being Heard is no Reason for Silence" in July 2017 at the Ipswich Civic Centre.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party

The performance contains explicit language.

OzPlays is a recently founded independent company based in Toowoomba. Members of the company value: Aussie writers and original work; those moments when the audience and the actors talk; sharing stories that are difficult to tell; and artrepreneurship. Company director, Scott Alderdice has been a Lecturer in Acting at the University of Southern Queensland for the past 20 years. He was co-founder and Artistic Director of the USQ Shakespeare in the Park Festival from 2004 through 2015 and has directed Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Richard 111, A Midsummer Night's Dream, King Lear and Othello for the Festival. He has also directed or written and directed more than 30 other productions for the university. Company Co-Producer Kate Murphy has been working at the University of Southern Queensland over the past five years, directing student productions including Shakespeare in the Parks’ Much Ado About Nothing. Kate’s acting career has seen her perform in many independent theatre productions and commercial work. Kate is a voice over artist, voicing tracks for Sesame Street and the entire cartoon series Shopkins. Kate has also worked heavily as a workshop facilitator, sharing her passion of theatre with her students.

Unique Selling Point

The play uses comedy as a lens through which a significant societal issue can be engaged. The play systematically highlights early stage controlling and abusive relational behaviour. It acts as an educational and community awareness entertainment experience. The play has a demonstrated capacity for fostering community discussion into the casual and commonplace aspects of dysfunctional relational behaviour.

Marketing Materials

The play will travel with a comprehensive community awareness pack that extrapolates all key points covered in the performance. The program will include explanation of signs, patterns and stages of dysfunctional and controlling behaviour and information on options for seeking and obtaining assistance, treatment or advice.

Community Engagement

OzPlays will connect with local family and community welfare organisations specialising in engaging with issues of relational violence and dysfunctionality. In concert with those local professional bodies, Ozplays will be offering accompanying workshops for young people in identifying and recognising controlling and abusive behaviour in their daily practices.