A theatrical mystery flight experience

People worldwide were sold the world of exploration- Take a gap year, meet your love on a Contiki tour. International travellers in the month of June 2019 were over 3million. In June 2020 it was 64,000.

So Near / So Far is a new interactive performance work that looks at our changing relationship to air travel.

When you register for this show you are signing up for an international mystery flight. In the lead up to the event, text messages from So Near | So Far Travel invite audiences to phone in and record their most desired destination. For the actual show, you will arrive at an airport waiting lounge. While you wait, you will meet three main characters who take you on a journey of a different kind, performing across live and mediated domains. Harold is physically in the audience while his close companion Rose Zooms in from overseas via the Departure screen. A recorded operator’s voice also plays intermittently through the earbuds of the audience’s mobile phones. The audience take a journey of sorts, moving through landscapes of memory and desire with Harold and Rose, and contemplating our changing relationship to travel.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Critical technical requirements:

  • 4G- 5G Internet connection
  • 50 inch or larger screen
  • AV equipment

Emma Che Raethke creates performance work that brings people together.

She is a QLD based performance maker who creates participatory contemporary works. She plays in the areas of fusing live performance with available technologies, visual imagery, choreographic movement and poetic text. With a strong focus on socially engaged art making practices she has a rich history of creating work with young people, older adults (and both together- intergenerational) from diverse and marginalised community groups.

She has produced large scaled work for the Edge, State Library of QLD, Flying Arts Alliance scheduled program and independent productions including, Journey (RPAC/The Centre/ JudithWright Centre) , The Two Strings (European Festival tour) and The Painter Gals (roving acts for festivals).

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

SNSF stands out as a bold and new participatory arts experience where audiences meet new people.

The work is very flexible. It suits venues (in the foyer or on the stage) as well as festival environments (at an airport or in a gallery). It can be scaled up and down.

Marketing Materials

The following will be available by June 2022:

  • text copy
  • images
  • promo video

Community Engagement

Place is very important to the work of SNSF. It will be important for the core creative team ( writer, director, performer) to spend a couple of days in the community getting a feel for the area and meeting people. From this the core team will work to update the script based on the location and add this then into the show.

Workshops in

  • writing
  • physical forms of theatre and
  • contemporary performance techniques
  • Media in performance can also be offered for an additional fee and determined in collaboration with the presenter.