An alluring, all encompassing onslaught of the sense, inspired by the French quarter; welcome to Society.

Influenced by the city of New Orleans and its best party on earth, the Mardi Gras, in the past these infamous festivities were hosted by secret societies competing to uphold the most illustrious party in their quarter. Blending Cajun party culture, French exuberance, Creole Voodoo, Masquerade, and breathtaking acrobatics, Society also serves up audiences an extroverted lighting design and unique styled sound track of live music and original tracks. Nothing is off limits in this opulent, indulgent Circus Cabaret.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

performances contain adult themes and content. There is smoke and haze effects. The show contains a small amount of nudity. The show tours with its own lighting console, which dramatically reduces bump in time.

2016 Gasworks Circus Showdown winners, TEOC bring their unique dialogue of movement and circus to life with a fluid sense of chaotic choreography. The cast has an inimitable sassy style with their skill set and are dauntlessly breaking all the rules. These circus strongwomen perform with elegance, power and beauty. This is the début production for this new and audacious circus company.

Circus producing veterans AfterDark Theatre have produced and designed a number of award- winning productions, including Barbaroi, PDC Rock!, They Say She’s Different, and We Should Quit. AfterDark add their own quirky touch in design, lighting and atmosphere to finely compliment the acrobatics performed by the indomitable TEOC girls. AfterDark Theatre also co-produce alongside Gasworks Arts Park to create the Boardwalk Republic; the official Southside Hub for Melbourne Fringe.

Anna Murray, the chorographical genius behind the show, has years of experience in both contemporary circus and dance bringing her fluid, yet powerful movement style to this exceptional production. Having been a graduate of Australia’s largest and prestigious Circus school NICA; Anna leads this league of extraordinary ladies that make up the TEOC ensemble.

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Unique Selling Point

Society is a production that showcases Louisianan culture. Its fun, colourful and does not take itself seriously. It's truly unique in that as a production, it is the only show that is on the touring market that is themed around a New Orleans street parade. It appeals to audience with its flamboyant styling, incredible acrobatic feats, and its hectic party production design. Theatrepeople reviewed the production and said, "If every circus act could be like ‘Society’, there could be a real circus renaissance, which would help to draw audiences back to the ever-impressive physical arts."

Marketing Materials

We have a full selection of marketing collateral including: professional high resolution images, glowing online and print reviews, a small professionally edited sizzle reel, a professionally high quality multi camera-camera recording of the show that is broadcast quality, and a media release copy to be used as a template.

Community Engagement

We can offer additional adult workshops in cabaret creation, with the hope to empower a community group to create and develop their own cabaret showing or the beginnings of a cabaret club or company