Stroll through a forest of musicians in an immersive, live music event.

Song to the Earth is a love-song to the planet, an immersive, live music event for a walking audience. Stroll through a forest of musicians surrounded by awe-inspiring light installations.

Part I - Flocking Imagine watching a flock of birds circling overhead, or standing in the middle of a forest of cicadas singing together. Hear the string players evoke these images through sound and notice the music sounds different in the centre and elsewhere. So take a walk, stop and listen, or stand next to a musician and experience the music up close.

Part II – Singing Across the Treetops This music is inspired by birds singing across the treetops in the bush or in a rainforest. For many first nations people birds play a special role in nurturing the earth with their songs.

Part III – The Voice of the Earth We invite you to experience the powerful waves of sound from the gongs and solo Persian violin or Shah Kaman. Go on your own sound adventure and hear the gongs up close or experience their sounds at the edge of the space.

Song to the Earth can be performed with a cast of community musicians mentored by the creative team.

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3 x 30min movements with 15min interval between. There are three movements. In a festival setting, audiences may choose to experience one movement or all three. Each part is explained through the voice-overs as the audience enters the performance area which invites the audience to freely move around through the performance circle, or sit if they prefer. Performance area size: 20-25m diameter circle or equivalent Audience inside circle: up to 350 in each movement (based on 1.3 sqm metre allowance per person). Audience seated outside the circle: 300 Audio tech required: 8 speaker PA plus 51 wireless headsets for IEM. 18 light sculptures situated at the perimeter of the circle. Additionally performers are lit with battery-operated wearable lighting sculptures.

Dr Corrina Bonshek is a composer and creative producer who makes immersive sonic events in collaboration with musicians from Australia and Asia. She innovates with traditional musical forms with an ear for beauty, abstraction, gentleness and explosive energy. She has created works for 2019 Rainforest Fringe Festival in Malaysia, 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Arts & Culture Festival, 2018/2017 Bleach* the Gold Coast Festival, and 2017 Taiwan Festival of the Arts. In 2018, she was finalist in Australia Art Music Awards – Instrumental Work of the Year category. Foremost in her work is the desire to create deeply transformative listening experiences.

Emerging from research begun in 2005, award-winning DeepBlue reinvents the classical string ensemble combining artistic excellence with perceptive, insightful repertoire to engage new audiences. Their national and international collaborations demonstrate passion for diversity and innovation and their four albums, TV appearances and extensive touring have earned them huge national and international exposure. Through YoungBlue, their unique education program, and by engaging diverse, emerging composers DeepBlue dedicate themselves to keeping classical music current. DeepBlue were finalists in one of the highest rated episodes of Australia’s Got Talent and won the Drover Award for Excellent Audience Response. DeepBlue have completed nine international/national tours including two regional Queensland tours.

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Unique Selling Point

Join acclaimed Australian string ensemble DeepBlue, master percussionist Michael Askill, and Persian violinist Greta Kelly for a euphoric musical experience under the night sky. Illuminated by an awe-inspiring light installations and featuring an original score by contemporary classical composer Dr Corrina Bonshek, Song to the Earth is an intimate music performance inspired by patterns and cycles from nature which invites audiences on a magical journey into an otherworldy space where choreographed performers are also lit by wonderous small-scale light installations. This work is compelling in its intimacy, as audiences can experience the music up-close, right next to the musicians.

Marketing Materials

The Song to the Earth media pack includes a media release, artist bios, photos and links to performance and hightlights videos.

Our media team successfully secures interviews and live-to-air performances on local/national radio, newspapers and online performing arts sites.

The string and percussion teachers' pack is sent in advance to local string teachers and includes sheet music, audio and video files as well as performer diagrams.

Community Engagement

Song to the Earth is performed by 15 professional musicians and 30 high school-aged string and percussion students.

The professional musicians conduct a series of online masterclasses/workshops prior to the face-to-face rehearsals and performances

Sheet music, recordings and video resources are sent to teachers who assist students in learning the music.

Participants also attend: 1 x Cello masterclass 2 x Online music workshops - participants work with their music mentor (one of the 12 DeepBlue musicians) in large and small group sessions.

Marketing for community musicians' call-out and all subsequent engagement is managed by the Song to the Earth community engagement team.

On the day prior to the performance mentors conduct a workshop with community musicians and run the full show. On the day of the first performance, there is a second run through.

Additionally, there is a second optional workshop: a 60-minute Wearable Art Workshop targeted at children aged 6 to 17 who create their own miniature illuminated and wearable art inspired by patterns from nature. Participants bring their illuminated creation to the evening performance and play with light alongside the performers. Workshop led by visual artist Tiffany Beckwith-Skinner, the creator of wearable & small-scale lighting installations for Song to the Earth.