a multi-sensory experience of hauntingly beautiful music and imagery

'Songs of Emzara' is third in a series of multimedia productions created by Dangerous Song - a collaboration between musician Linsey Pollak and vocalist Lizzie O’Keefe. 'Songs of Emzara' is a response to the current 6th Extinction Crisis. It is a Song for the Planet, combining the human voice with the sounds of endangered animals to create an intriguing and moving musical performance.

Linsey Pollak and Lizzie O’Keefe take us to a world of sound where the human and the animal combine. Linsey plays a digital wind instrument controlling sounds of animals using live-looping technology. Lizzie weaves her sublime voice in and out of the musical landscape with a series of original songs. This sonic world is mirrored by the projected visual superimposition of the natural world onto the performers.

‘Songs of Emzara’ is a tribute to 16 of the species who at this moment struggle for their survival including the Indri Indri, the Black Crested Gibbon, Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo, the Humpback Whale, Blakiston’s Fish Owl, the Booroolong Frog and the Blue throated Macaw.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party
2 performers / 1 crew

• Blackout-able space required • Minimum Stage size 8m wide x 5m deep x 4m high • Raised stage (minimum 80cm plus) or flat floor with tiered seating • Ideal capacity - 100 – 300

Dangerous Song company will supply - • Scrim / screen (1.5m wide x 1.5m deep x 2 m high) which surrounds 1 performer with free-standing frame. • Step ladder and frame for large dress which doubles as a projector screen. • 2 Projectors (where not provided by venue) / laptop • Musical Instruments / sound processors • Micro low level lighting set up and operated by our technician

Red Chair is a Queensland-based performing arts and event management company recognised nationally as a major producing and touring body for culturally diverse works. Red Chair was the winner of the 2014 Premier's Cultural Diversity Award - Small Business.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

  1. Multi-sensory audience experience of hauntingly beautiful music and imagery. Songs of Emzara is a unique music / media production using live performance, sampled and manipulated sounds of endangered and extinct animals and projected still and moving imagery. The sonic world is mirrored by the visual superimposition of the natural world onto the performers using projection.

  2. Intersection of art and environment - Songs of Emzara draws attention to ecological issues as well our relationship and contribution to them.

  3. Compact/ ease of touring - 2 performers + 1 crew.

Marketing Materials

  • 4 x Youtube excerpts of performance
  • Video of complete show
  • Large selection of good quality hi res photos
  • Audio recording of the complete show
  • Website / Facebook / instagram
  • Press kits – Media releases, Company & Individual biographies, Testimonials, Publicity photographs / press clippings
  • Artist availability for interviews
  • Raw artwork for handbills & posters with images for venue’s own use

Red Chair will also provide marketing and promotion support for the tour including advertising through Red Chair’s website, Facebook/social media and e-news, support with the creation and distribution of tour specific media releases, coordination of interviews and other media requests.

Community Engagement

Linsey Pollak - Live looping workshops (particularly using the performance technology - using the ipad and ’Thumbjam’ app)

Lizzie O'Keefe - vocal workshops

Linsey & Lizzie are also able to provide Q&A's / masterclasses about their working process