TROLLEYS & SPILL will tease, thrill and move its audience, and is perfect for the entire family!

Shaun Parker & Company's outstanding double bill features award-winning works SPILL and TROLLEYS choreographed by Shaun Parker and stunning original music composed by Nick Wales. This program captivates the attention of children, teens, families and adults of all ages and will be available for touring in 2019 and 2020.

SPILL is a highly physical work featuring five outstanding dancers and acrobats, including one parkour artist, who run, jump, and swing their way across the structures and landscapes of the playground apparatus. The work can be adapted to suit a variety of live theatre contexts with a new indoor set creating the playground environment world.

TROLLEYS Part Dance. Part Ballet. Part Spectacle. Five shopping carts randomly appear. Two meet and fall in love. A lone cart grapples to find a friend. Three others revolt and ignite a dance of anarchy. TROLLEYS spin and slide in this highly physical performance work where high-octane contemporary dance, acrobatics, street dance and parkour merge with the extraordinary world of TROLLEYS.

This double bill is part of our strategy to take high quality, exciting dance work to families across Australia!

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
C, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

The Company is committed to a collaborative approach to working with individual presenters on tours, acknowledging that their circumstances, needs and audiences are unique. Our engagement with presenters is a long- term partnership which commences with discussion about the show, and moves through to secure mutually agreeable terms for a presentation.

The advantage of this double-bill is in its highly flexible staging arrangements, utilising the same cast for both shows.

The works can be presented in several contexts:

  1. Double Bill for theatres.
  2. Double Bill outdoor event.
  3. Single show outdoor event.

The indoor theatre version:

  • Requires a minimum 8m x 10m floor space.
  • The SPILL playground scaffolding structure will be built in bump in, and includes jigsaw mats that the Company provides.
  • Requires a 20 minute interval to clear the SPILL playground structure.

The works do not contain adult content and are suitable for all ages.

Shaun Parker & Company is an exhilarating and bold Australian dance company that has exploded onto the international dance scene.

The company creates critically acclaimed dance productions, which are renowned for their integration of stimulating choreographic forms, arresting musical scores and theatrical invention.

Led by award winning Artistic Director and Choreographer Shaun Parker, his work is described as ‘so cutting edge it actually wanders off the edge of any single-word definition…’

Based in Sydney, the company has toured across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Middle East, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Serbia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, and the UK, including a sold out season at London’s prestigious dance house Sadler’s Wells.

Shaun Parker & Company has won two Australian Dance Awards, a Banksy Award, and the Argus Angel Award in the UK.

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Unique Selling Point

This double bill program of award-winning works especially caters for children and families! The use of everyday objects provides an accessible focal point to engage audiences who would not normally choose to attend a contemporary dance work. It is fun, exciting and a real crowd pleaser, and its accompanying integrated electro-pop dance and found-object activities are a real drawcard for your community.

TROLLEYS & SPILL will tease, thrill and move its audience, and is perfect for the entire family! You’ll never look at a shopping trolley or swing set in the same way again!

Marketing Materials

• High quality production images • Full media kit and press release • Extensive media responses from previous presentations • Company biography • Short high impact, high-rez video clips • Online marketing and social media support • Poster and other advertising material templates • Community engagement activities • Education Resources Pack including pre and post-show activities, videos and interactive workshops • Assistance for venues in selecting poster images, tailoring copy, providing printed programmes, and devising original media angles and unique selling points for their region. • The Company engages a dedicated social media consultant Julia Thomas (SBS, Sydney Festival) to create tailored adverts and sponsored posts targeted to each region

Community Engagement

TROLLEYS – Found Objects program: Inspired by an abandoned supermarket trolley, which led to the full TROLLEYS production being created, this program offers a link with local art galleries, who can hold an exhibition of their community artists with works inspired by, and utilising ‘Found Objects’ - ‘How can trash become beautiful?” ‘How can found objects become art?’ The beauty of this program is that it can be accessed across all age groups and offered to local schools and community groups as well, with the final showcase of art being held in their galleries.

SPILL – integrated Electro Pop dance strategy Leading up to each tour, the Company will roll out an online tutorial teaching the Electro-pop 80’s dance sequence that is used in the show. This can be learned by all the family: parents, grandparents and grandchildren before our arrival. A special Electro-pop dance workshop will be delivered following the show. In each town, a new dance sequence created by the locals will be added to the original choreography, gradually building on the sequence, ultimately joining the movements of people across Australia into one big dance tribe! This will be filmed and shared with all of the communities as the journey progresses!