“Simply ahhhh-mazing.” Heckler

“Ruthless and incisive.” Theatre Press

“Tour de force… Liz Skitch, step into the spotlight and take a bow.” Weekend Notes

“Skitch is a natural mimic, shedding accents and years as easily as she changes costume.” The Age

“Each character is defined only by the choice of wig, shoes and a few accoutrements… and Skitch’s impressive ability to change her entire physicality to match each character.” Theatre People

What’s Spoilt about? “Spoilt delivers a very adept touch on all that is bizarre in a world we call normal and an extremely entertaining yet painfully honest perception of life as we know it.” Heckler

Spoilt is a comic-rollercoaster. Social satirist and clown, Liz Skitch plays five very different and very spoilt women. The show sends up self-indulgence and the self-improvement industry..

These five spoilt women; a reality TV ‘star,’ a celebrity trainer, a botoxed celebrant, a small-dog-loving PR consultant, and a bridezilla collide and compete in the lead up to the wedding of the year.

Flipping the darkside of narcissim and self-improvement sunny-side up, Spoilt is an electric comedy masterpiece. Who knew self-destruction could be this much fun?

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

Performance contains some coarse language and adult themese. Not recommended for audiences under 15.

Creating brilliant new comedies.

Working in Brisbane and Melbourne; touring nationally and internationally, debase has been producing new shows since 1998.

The company has a reputation for creating high quality performances that engage with audiences and communities. Some debase productions include the critically acclaimed Chasing the Lollyman, Sktich Tease, Spoilt, Hurry Up and Wait, The Clown from Snowy River, and Fly-In Fly-Out.

We produce a wide range of work for a wide range of audiences; from children’s theatre, to comic-drama, to cabaret and vaudeville. For debase, the relationship with our audience is paramount – this is reflected in the way we create and program work with and for specific audiences.

Debase uses a highly physical and collaborative approach to developing new work. We believe successful performance begins with a sense of play and that comedy empowers audiences to reflect and critique vital issues. We are committed to telling Australian stories.

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Unique Selling Point

Spoilt achieved critical acclaim at the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The show has a broad appeal to audiences who enjoy comedy, stand-up and cabaret. The show is particularly attractive to female audiences."Imagine Chris Lily - except a woman - and ruthlessly taking on the self-improvement industry."

Community Engagement

  • Community workshop in comic storytelling and comedy available.
  • Post show events and 'meet and greets.'