--Come play in the dark--

Award winning company Bunk Puppets brings you the critically acclaimed production - Sticks Stones Broken Bones.

Sticks Stones Broken Bones is a celebration of play and the power of the imagination. Watch as household junk, and bits of rubbish are transformed into live shadow puppets. Sneaky ninjas, flying chickens and brain transplants materialise in a series of beautiful, hilarious and engaging stories that play out like a live cartoon. This 50 minute performance showcases the company’s trademark approach to shadow puppetry and is enjoyed by audiences all over the world.

Bunk Puppets is committed to touring to communities everywhere in Australia. Our company believes that these communities deserve to access the best possible cultural experiences and bringing this internationally acclaimed work to venues all over Queensland will be a great privilege.

With very little spoken word, and a high energy physical performance, Sticks Stones has wide appeal across cultures and ages. Recently, the show toured Spain, Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Dubai, Kuwait, China, Egypt, Germany, Korea, Norway and Australia and has played a season Off Broadway in New York City.

It's a feast for the imagination! With appeal equally for adults, as well as children.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party

Sticks Stones Broken Bones is designed to perform everywhere without risk to the artistic integrity or impact. The show has played in halls with no technical support, through modestly equipped studio spaces, and up to 800+ seat proscenium arch theatres.

Sticks Stones Broken Bones has played in many small/unequipped halls and a simple technical plan exists to perform in these spaces.

Importantly Sticks Stones Broken Bones requires a good blackout in both the auditorium and on stage. All exit signs, lights, working lights and backstage blues in the house and on stage must be either reduced to the lowest safe level allowed, or switched off in order to facilitate this.

Please note: Because of the puppet screen, site lines are an important consideration and some seats may not be able to be sold or will need to be moved. The company can plan for this before arrival at the venue.

Bunk Puppets creates unforgettably unique and hilariously imaginative shadow puppet adventures out of bits of rubbish.

Using almost no spoken dialogue, the shows are visually engaging and suited for all ages 7 years and up. Audiences are drawn into a playful world of strange silhouette characters and cartoon-like comedy.

Based in Australia Bunk Puppets have have toured regionally every year since 2012. The company also tours internationally - recently in Spain, Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Dubai, Kuwait, China, Egypt, Germany, Korea, Norway, Sweden and a season Off Broadway in New York City.

PRESS QUOTES for Bunk Puppets

  • "You don’t need kids as an excuse to enjoy this show." - Groggy Squirrel Adelaide
  • "Nothing short of magical" - Edinburgh Spotlight
  • "A must! Our minds were boggled!" - Edinburgh Reporter
  • "Wonderfully enchanting, breathtaking moments." - London Evening Standard
  • "One of the most spellbinding moments of puppet theatre that I have ever encountered." -The Stage (UK)
  • "The visual world that he creates in captivating." - Herald Sun Melbourne


  • Best Newcomer- Edinburgh Fringe 2010 (SSBB)
  • Spirit of the Fringe- Edinburgh Fringe 2010 (SSBB)
  • Total Theatre Award shortlist- Edinburgh Fringe 2010 (SSBB)
  • Best Puppet Show - Adelaide Fringe 2011 (SSBB)
  • Total Theatre Award winner- Edinburgh Fringe 2011 (SJ)
  • Best Show nomination- Perth Fringe 2012 (SSBB)

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

Sticks Stones Broken Bones is an internationally acclaimed production with a proven box office record. For example the 2015/2016 tour of Sticks Stones Broken Bones through China sold to 95% capacity across 64 performances. Brilliant images, great press reviews, a long list of awards, word of mouth and social media from around the world create a potent combination that drive ticket sales. See the marketing and community engagement sections below for more detailed information.

Awards and Nominations

  • Best Show - Fringe World Perth 2012
  • Best Puppet Show - Adelaide Fringe 2011
  • Best Newcomer - Edinburgh Fringe 2010
  • Spirit of the Fringe - Edinburgh Fringe 2010
  • Total Theatre Award shortlist - Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Marketing Materials

Bunk Puppets works with our presenting partners to provide the marketing resources the presenter requires. Generally the following items are provided as a given for each season and at no extra cost:

  • Excellent critical reviews for quotes and weblinks
  • Education/workshop kit (an example is added in the resources section)
  • Base artwork for flyers, posters and press ads (example included in the resources section)
  • Marketing copy and company bios
  • Promotional video and raw footage
  • Production and promotional images
  • Regular social media activity to share
  • Simple to use marketing guide will be produced prior to any touring project

Community Engagement

The touring company runs excellent workshops. These can be educator workshops for schools or school audiences; pre or post -show activities; or master classes for local performers. Participants make shadow puppet creatures and devise characters, using simple techniques and recycled materials.

Sticks Stones Broken Bones is perfect for family programs, school audiences, school holiday programs as well as festivals and community events. The show genuinely appeals to adults, who love to share the experience with their families and it has also been presented in late night spots to adult-only audiences. Because of it's non-verbal energetic performance the show is also highly appealing to non-English speaking audiences.

Methods for engaging with the community include:

Before the Company Arrives

  • Set up a shadow puppet making station in the foyer or public spaces
  • Utilise the company's social media to share stories
  • Schedule workshop activities
  • Reach (non-English language communities) communities via new social media such as WeChat
  • Schedule family friendly performances - either during the day on vacations or as fun evening events (i.e. pyjama performances)

While the Company is in Town

  • Post-show photographs and meet and greets
  • Excellent and inspiring media interviews
  • Include a workshop, media event or pre or post show activity